Patient Support Seminars at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

June Schedule – Patient Seminars

Last month, as a trial, we started running some small FREE patient seminars at the clinic to see if there would be any interest.

WOW what a response!

We continue our trial into June but, due to everyone’s hectic schedules, we will stop during July and August. So get these in your diary as it’s your last chance for a while!

The Shoulder

The Joint, movement and the complications

Wednesday 5 June – 11.30

FREE 1 hour seminar led by our Consultant Physiotherapist Estelle Mitchell and physiotherapist Ilyes Chataigner discussing the shoulder.

From the wide variety of conditions that this can include, through the reasons why swift treatment is SO critical and also why pain on both sides is a BIG warning sign.

Combined with tips and tricks on how to address your problem effectively right now.

Mental Wellbeing

How to deal with relationship breakdown

Tuesday 11 June – 11.30

Led by Nicole Porojanu, our resident psychotherapist this week we will be looking at your mental wellbeing as well as the physical.

Focusing on relationships in all their forms, the good and bad. From little upsets, irritation and arguments to the sour taste of betrayal, separation and divorce.

Nicole will look at how to manage relationships from start to finish, setting expectations and ensuring compatibility at the beginning, through maintaining healthy communication for the long term.

Nicole will also address the negative aspects of relationships such as growing apart, playing the blame game and abuse. Talking through your option to stay or go and then how to heal and forgive, gain closure and move back to happiness.

Knee pain

Wednesday 19 June – 11.30

Led by our Consultant Physiotherapist and resident knee specialist Estelle Mitchell this seminar is everything to do with the knees!

Covering the whole range of topics from knee pain from recent injuries, knee pain that isn’t responding to current therapy (hint, it might be referred from somewhere else!) and long term chronic pain and osteoarthritis, this in depth seminar will teach you more than you ever thought you could know about the knee!

Finished up with top tips on how to stop knee pain RIGHT NOW and 3 Simple Steps that you can take to stop knee pain.

Facial Rejuvenation

Tuesday 25 June – 11.30

This week Rebecca Richards is talking about Facial Rejuvenation.

As you might expect from us that’s without drugs or surgery, but, as it’s acupuncture, we’re going to let her keep a few needles! Hehehe

With some fabulous results (ahem, yay for my freebies!) this is worth some investigation. And best of all, Rebecca will need one lucky attendee to be her guinea pig, so you get a free session right away! See you there!

Places are limited to make sure we have time to answer your questions so please contact us on [email protected] or book online to confirm availability.

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