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How not to bring yourself to your knees

Another wonderful testimonial! Doubly complimentary as it comes from my esteemed colleague Peter Ormrod, our audiologist.

This is a wonderful example of how combining therapies can make a HUGE difference. By using MRT to treat the pain and arthritic changes, orthotics and gait analysis to stop the pain coming back and exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and get full movement back Peter had a tremendous result very quickly.

I actually found out from another patient who Peter had recommended that when this patient had chosen to start treatment with me Peter phoned him and instructed him to “do as you’re told. That way you get better.” What a stunning endorsement!

“After a long career as a ski instructor my knees began to hurt when going downstairs. I was only 37!
2 arthroscopic operations in my early 40s failed to cure the problem. In fact the pain in my left knee worsened.
20 years of taking painkillers so that I could still play sport was beginning to take its toll and the additional wear and tear on my knees meant that I was nearing the end of sporting life.
Like any sportsman, I wasn’t prepared to accept that possibility.
Speaking with Estelle at the start of this year, she assured me that improvements could be made. Let’s face it, I had nothing to lose!
Within just 7 days of treatment on the MRT machine and her infamous ‘knee stretcher’, I was able to go downstairs without pain. It’s hard to explain the feeling of being pain free for the first time in over 20years….at the age of 61!
Estelle continues to monitor my health as I build up the strength of the muscles around my knees. It seems my body was compensating for the problem…..but not in a good way.
I’m back to playing tennis 3-4 times a week and, most importantly, I’m back on the water…….kitesurfing!
Thanks Estelle”

Peter Ormrod, Marbella/UK

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