The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Testimonials

Sarah Key, Physio to HRH Prince Charles The next best thing to a hands-on therapist. M Collins, MD I suffered with low back pain for 6 months despite chiro, physio and massage. I’m now drug free, and I can’t believe the results. Richard Gilbank I am still using and enjoying the Mobiliser twice a day for the past nine months. The results from its use are life changing, now pain…

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The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Athletes Testimonials

  Dr Lady Ann Redgrave. Osteopath, Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer to GB Rowing ” I hear only compliments about the Mobiliser. We have many Mobilisers in daily use in our Great Britain Rowing training, and took the Mobiliser to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics to help the rowers recover and maintain peak performance. I used the Mobiliser in private practice between 2003 and 2011 and have observed particular benefits:…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Carl Hestor

Carl Hester and his Mobiliser

Carl Hester, MBE is a British Dressage rider who competed at Olympic level, he was in fact, the youngest rider to ever do so! He is now a trainer and uses the Mobiliser personally and even, occasionally, shares it. “I started to use the Mobiliser at the end of 2013 after suffering with stiffness and back pain – falling down the stairs didn’t help! Dressage riders spend more time sat…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Harry Meade, event rider

Harry Meade and his Mobiliser

Harry Meade is a celebrated Event Rider who, representing Great Britain, won silver at the 2014 World Championships in Normandy. Harry Meade, regularly uses a medical-grade massaging machine to aid riding mobility. The Mobiliser was recommended to Harry by his dressage trainer, Sandy Phillips, in 2008 – he now sees it as an essential piece of riding kit.   ​Using the fifteen minute massage and mobilising routine twice a day,…

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Costa del Success

The Bodyworks Clinic – Successful Treatment

Another lovely interview with our friends at The Euro Weekly News as part of their Costa del Success series. What an honour to be considered successful!  Estelle Mitchell founded The Bodyworks Clinic in 2004, for 12 years she has offered physiotherapy, health screening and a number of innovative treatment options focusing on non-surgical options. Having been on the Costa del Sol through good times and bad we asked Estelle for…

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Bodyworks WORKS

A Trip for a better knee

I’m often asked what makes the work I do at Bodyworks different. I explain parts of what I do here, but it can be hard to understand how that works for you as a patient. So I asked one of my patients to tell you: A year ago I fell badly and damaged my right knee. After multiple visits to the A&E department, appointments with Specialists, my GP and 10…

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Leg Pain- ankle, knee, hip and back - all connected

Knee Pain – the Big Picture

Knee pain – just one of those things that happens as you get older right? Or because you’re a runner. Or a tennis player. Or a padel player. Or . . . . just one of those things you learn to live with. Or is it? If you’ve got knee pain and you aren’t making progress perhaps there’s more to it? The whole body Everything in the body is connected.…

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Mi Marbella with Nicole King

Migraines on Marbella Now

During the summer I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the gorgeous Nicole King for Marbella Now on RTV Marbella. My section starts at 5.18 and lasts for about 10 minutes. I love the song they have used – “I’m feeeeeeeling good!”. We’re mainly talking about my new Headache Clinic as Nicole’s son suffers from migraines and came to see me. A lovely chat and a great video tour…

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As a physiotherapist in private practice I've had to learn to say no

Why I say No – being a physiotherapist in private practice

I’m a physiotherapist in private practice. I work for myself. If I don’t see patients I don’t make any money. But there is the eternal argument between my accountant and myself regarding my business – I will refuse to treat certain patients. Now there is a HUGE amount that physiotherapy can help with, far more than it is usually credited with BUT if a patient is not suitable for the…

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Bodyworks WORKS

Achalasia – how physiotherapy can help

A few months ago I was chatting to a woman I’d met a few times at various networking meetings and she mentioned she had a condition called achalasia which is quite unusual. The lower oesophageal (bottom of the oesophagus ) muscles and sphincter start to degenerate and, critically, the nerves which control these muscles. Patients commonly have problems swallowing, chest pain and regurgitate food and drink. She explained how she’d…

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