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When even the small things are hard – Testimonial

This lovely lady came to see me a few months ago. She’d been in pain a long time and so frustrated with her situation. She only had a few days before they were leaving on a big trip and so we had a tight deadline to work to! She and her husband sat on our terrace, talking and thinking (having one of Emmie’s special coffees!) for over an hour while they decided which option was right for her and how they were going to proceed.

And how wonderful it was to see her a few months later (post big trip!). This smiling, vibrant young woman had replaced that old, tired, small lady who originally came to see me.

I wish I could video the first visit versus the review so that YOU, the patient, can see the difference. Pain is so aging! So boring.

I’m so delighted following my visits to BodyWorks that I felt I wanted to post and share my experience.

The reason I booked to see Estelle was because I was in awful back pain.  I was walking slowly with my head hung forward just to relieve the pain.  Every day life was difficult, those little things you do without thinking suddenly became a big problem. 

My sessions with Estelle were amazing.  So thorough.  She is passionate about ‘knowing how the body works’ so everything is well explained like I’ve never heard before. 

I had a course of Magnetic Resonance Therapy, was given exercises (which she let my husband video so I can’t forget any of them!) and had insoles tailored to my own feet. 

With this combination, I’m now back to normal! 

I still do my exercises every day and wear my insoles too!  In fact, I now have another pair which are thinner and can fit into fashion shoes/boots to keep me on track. 

Oh, and on top of all that, the clinic is super clean and super friendly.  I also met Emmie and a big thank you to her for all her support and encouragement too.  You’ll meet her at the clinic helping Estelle.  They are the ‘A’ team! 

Thank you and see you when we’re visiting Spain in April about my husband’s ankle!


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