As a physiotherapist in private practice I've had to learn to say no

Why I say No – being a physiotherapist in private practice

I’m a physiotherapist in private practice. I work for myself. If I don’t see patients I don’t make any money.

But there is the eternal argument between my accountant and myself regarding my business – I will refuse to treat certain patients.

Now there is a HUGE amount that physiotherapy can help with, far more than it is usually credited with BUT if a patient is not suitable for the treatments I offer and the way I offer them, I won’t treat them.

Clinical assessment

If you’ve read a few of my articles here you will know how important this is to me. It is critical to get the right diagnosis before starting treatment. With the right diagnosis I can help you find the best solutions. And it also means I can determine whether your condition is suitable for the treatments I can offer.

You may have had a lot of investigations done, you may have seen a lot of doctors or other therapists, you may even have had surgeries, but for my treatment, within my practice I must assess whether our treatment is suitable for your condition.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

MRT is a case in point. With MRT I have had success treating a number of different conditions; sports injuries, migraines, long standing osteo arthritis, osteoporosis, post operative cases, tendons, ligaments, broken bones, sciatica, nerve inflammation, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel . . . the list goes on. But this does not mean it is a magic wand!

It is critical that we treat the correct area, referred pain can mean you want treatment on your knee but (with a proper assessment!) I know it’s your hip that’s the problem. Or you have pain in your elbow and I want to treat your neck.

MRT is a time commitment, it’s not cheap but it does get amazing results. When used correctly. 


A large part of the treatment plan that I put together requires you to make some effort. Often you will have to perform exercises at home, perhaps review your training program or change your desk or work environment. These are important parts of our success.

If you aren’t willing to make changes that make you better then perhaps this is not the clinic for you.

Business Plan

I drive my accountant crazy as I recommend things which should mean you don’t need to see me again. Apparently this is bad business! But my success rate is important to me – and for me, success means you are pain free. And I’m going to do everything I can to get you there.

The right tools

I have a huge range of tools at my disposal, I have a team of 6 therapists and between us we offer 13 different therapy options, there is a lot we can help with. BUT if I don’t think I’m the right person with the right tools to help you get better then I would rather refer you to someone who is.

So sometimes, I say no.

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