MRT gets Peter back to kitesurfing

Getting back on track – treating recent sports injuries

Most of the time I talk about how great Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT) is for treating long term or chronic arthritis. As it regenerates and strengthens the remaining cartilage and reduces the swelling in the bones it has amazing results.

BUT that’s not all it can do! Having had the technology for a long time now (8 years!) I have had plenty of time to try new things and, luckily, patients who are willing to try too. And I have found that the same strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect which is so helpful for long term arthritis also has a HUGE impact on recent sports injuries. Reducing rehab time to almost nothing. It’s a revelation!

It usually needs a much shorter treatment course, maybe 2 or 3 days (it depends how bad the injury is and how long it took you to get to me!) instead of the 9 that chronic arthritis usually requires. And then my sports fanatics are back in the ring / on the court / on the board / out at sea where they want (need?) to be.

But don’t take it from me – Peter already gave me a testimonial about his knees but, like all good sportsmen he just keeps at it!

So here are his thoughts on using MRT for recent sports injuries not just long term arthritis.

2013/4 was not a good year injury wise for me……..last summer I had a bad accident kitesurfing and tore my short head of biceps completely from my shoulder leaving me with a ‘monocep’ !!
After treatment on the MRT machine and a bit of rehab I have full use of the arm again but……..with less aches and pain than I had before the accident!! I don’t begin to know how the MRT machine works (and I’ve read a number of medical papers on it!!) I can only tell you of its success with my chronic knee problem and my acute shoulder injury.

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