The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Testimonials

Sarah Key, Physio to HRH Prince Charles

The next best thing to a hands-on therapist.

M Collins, MD

I suffered with low back pain for 6 months despite chiro, physio and massage. I’m now drug free, and I can’t believe the results.

Richard Gilbank

I am still using and enjoying the Mobiliser twice a day for the past nine months. The results from its use are life changing, now pain free. Previously I could only swim eight lengths breast-stoke before a neck ache made it too unpleasant, now my joints are no longer seized up so I can (and do) swim for great distances, reaching a fitness level better than even my teenage years – I am sixty next month.

NL, Accountant

After 23 years of sciatica my Osteopath suggest the Mobiliser. After six weeks almost all the symptoms had gone.

 R Gubbay, Chiropractor

The Mobiliser is a genuinely brilliant piece of equipment… it has allowed me to help certain types of patients to a higher degree that was possible before we had one. At least 10 of my patients have bought one and so has a Chiro colleague after trying mine.


  • My pain of 30 years has gone. 
  • My posture looks so young.
  • I no longer need painkillers. 
  • I’ve stopped getting migraines. 
  • I breathe so freely and deeply.
  • I cancelled my operation. 
  • I feel 20 years younger and I’m thinner too.

Try the Mobiliser

Available to rent or buy – 952 883 151 or [email protected]

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