Love your back Month at Bodyworks

Love your Back month at Bodyworks!

Today is Valentine’s Day! It is the season of love! So to celebrate Bodyworks are having LOVE YOUR BACK month from 14th February to 14th March! In my opinion one of the best and easiest ways to love your back is a few regular sessions on our amazing Mobiliser. I often use it with my patients either before or after a session with me or as part of an MRT…

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The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Testimonials

Sarah Key, Physio to HRH Prince Charles The next best thing to a hands-on therapist. M Collins, MD I suffered with low back pain for 6 months despite chiro, physio and massage. I’m now drug free, and I can’t believe the results. Richard Gilbank I am still using and enjoying the Mobiliser twice a day for the past nine months. The results from its use are life changing, now pain…

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The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Athletes Testimonials

  Dr Lady Ann Redgrave. Osteopath, Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer to GB Rowing ” I hear only compliments about the Mobiliser. We have many Mobilisers in daily use in our Great Britain Rowing training, and took the Mobiliser to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics to help the rowers recover and maintain peak performance. I used the Mobiliser in private practice between 2003 and 2011 and have observed particular benefits:…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Carl Hestor

Carl Hester and his Mobiliser

Carl Hester, MBE is a British Dressage rider who competed at Olympic level, he was in fact, the youngest rider to ever do so! He is now a trainer and uses the Mobiliser personally and even, occasionally, shares it. “I started to use the Mobiliser at the end of 2013 after suffering with stiffness and back pain – falling down the stairs didn’t help! Dressage riders spend more time sat…

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The Mobiliser - simple, effective and convenient

The Mobiliser in your home?!

Many of you will have tried out our fabulous Mobiliser at the clinic as part of your treatment. For those wondering what on earth I’m on about it’s that big black bed in the other room that you lie on and it wiggles you about! Aha, bet you remember it now! If I haven’t introduced you then the simplest way to imagine it is . . . . this is…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Lisa White

Lisa White and her Mobiliser

Lisa White is a New Zealand International Grand Prix dressage rider who takes her Mobiliser all over the world with her to events. Interesting that she isn’t the only international rider who says it helps her sleep better – Bettina Hoy mentions that too! “I use the Mobiliser because it makes me ride better, sleep better, and feel better. I have noticed amazing, life changing, differences in my ability to not hold…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Chris Kirkland, footballer

Chris Kirkland and his Mobiliser

It’s not just riders and golfers who use the Mobiliser to prevent injury and recovery time and stay fit, there’s even the occasional footballer who has the right idea!   Former Liverpool and England Goalkeeper Chris Kirkland was ready to call time on his career despite being just 30. Back pain and spasms were preventing him training and playing to his maximum ability. Yet until recently he has been a…

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Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Harry Meade, event rider

Harry Meade and his Mobiliser

Harry Meade is a celebrated Event Rider who, representing Great Britain, won silver at the 2014 World Championships in Normandy. Harry Meade, regularly uses a medical-grade massaging machine to aid riding mobility. The Mobiliser was recommended to Harry by his dressage trainer, Sandy Phillips, in 2008 – he now sees it as an essential piece of riding kit.   ​Using the fifteen minute massage and mobilising routine twice a day,…

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Mobiliser Testimonial - Betina Hoy, Equestrienne

Bettina Hoy and the Mobiliser

Bettina Hoy is admired as one of the best riders in the world. She is also a Mobiliser user! Here she explains the benefits that she has found in using it regularly.   Bettina says: Since buying her Mobiliser to take to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing Bettina has experienced: Headache Reduction Improved Sleeping Improved Riding Improved stamina Headache reduction Bettina explained that for as long as she can remember…

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Mobiliser Testimonial - Golfer Bernard Gallacher OBE

Bernard Gallacher OBE and his Mobiliser

Bernard Gallacher OBE was one of the foremost golfers of his generation, a consummate competitor who will always be remembered for leading the European Ryder Cup team to their famous victory on American soil in 1995. Here Bernard talks about using the Mobiliser to help manage his back pain so that he could continue to play golf at the highest level. Bernard says: “I’ve experienced the odd twinges in my back throughout my golfing…

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