Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Carl Hestor

Carl Hester and his Mobiliser

Carl Hester, MBE is a British Dressage rider who competed at Olympic level, he was in fact, the youngest rider to ever do so! He is now a trainer and uses the Mobiliser personally and even, occasionally, shares it.

“I started to use the Mobiliser at the end of 2013 after suffering with stiffness and back pain – falling down the stairs didn’t help!

Dressage riders spend more time sat in the saddle than many other ridden disciplines and we have communication with the horse through our back, seat, legs and hands. All of these prime communication tools are connected to the spine and I have found that using the Mobiliser helps to keep my back much more mobile.

I feel refreshed and relaxed after using it and my sleep patterns are much more regular. It certainly helps me as part of a health and mobility regime that includes physio and exercise.”

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Available to rent or buy – 952 883 151 or [email protected]

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