The Mobiliser system with remote control and 2 x 5 kg weights travel case not shown)

The Mobiliser – Athletes Testimonials


Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonial - Dr Lady Anne RedgraveDr Lady Ann Redgrave. Osteopath, Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer to GB Rowing

” I hear only compliments about the Mobiliser. We have many Mobilisers in daily use in our Great Britain Rowing training, and took the Mobiliser to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics to help the rowers recover and maintain peak performance.

I used the Mobiliser in private practice between 2003 and 2011 and have observed particular benefits:

  • many patients’ treatment has gone faster and further than would have occurred without using the Mobiliser .
  • Some patients have been able to get past previously long term conditions, and after some years have continued to be clear of their original chronic symptoms and patterns.
  • We have seen substantial changes in the patients who use the Mobiliser regularly at home, which they themselves have described as “life changing”.  With some patients we have suggested the Mobiliser as their sole treatment, with occasional visits to check progress.
  • It allows patient control of their own treatment – they can do something actively themselves to control their condition without having to see therapist. They will frequently then set higher goals for themselves and together with the therapist set about achieving them.

Bodyworks Mobiliser Testimonials - David BrabhamDavid Brabham, Winner Le Mans 24hr

Using the Mobiliser in the build up to Le Mans helped because it would sort my back out, enabling me to train better. I even used it in the race. My back has become stronger and less of a problem.

*bought a second Mobiliser for his home in the USA and won the USA Series as well!




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