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The Bodyworks Clinic – Successful Treatment

Another lovely interview with our friends at The Euro Weekly News as part of their Costa del Success series. What an honour to be considered successful! 

Estelle Mitchell founded The Bodyworks Clinic in 2004, for 12 years she has offered physiotherapy, health screening and a number of innovative treatment options focusing on non-surgical options.

Having been on the Costa del Sol through good times and bad we asked Estelle for her opinion on success on the Costa del Sol.

What does success mean to you at The Bodyworks?

Well I usually talk about success for my patients! Getting my patients better is the success I look for.

But in business? To be honest, after the last few years I think success is still being here!

However I am also proud that we haven’t compromised our standards, we still work to get the best results for the patient in the best way. Yes we have had to come up with some new tricks to work around people’s changed situation, but the goal of getting you better, as efficiently as possible has never changed.

What is it about Bodyworks that . . works?

I think the high standards we set are important. We offer the latest, most cutting edge therapies, I and my practitioners spend a lot of time and money continually training to be the most qualified that we can be. And we make sure we use the best tools and technology.

Where do you go from here?

Growth and change are important, I’ve always firmly believed that surgery should be the last option BUT in some cases it is the best, most effective route forward, so we are very excited about an amazing orthopaedic consultant, Dr Jyri Lepisto, coming to work with us. So this adds another dimension to what is available for our patients.

I have just returned from a Pain Specialist conference in Australia, which allows me to incorporate the latest neuroscience research into my work here. Adding a new dimension to my work and offering real help to those patients stuck in the Chronic Pain loop.

I’ve also got a few new tools on their way from New Zealand to support my athletes. I’m always learning and looking for the best, most effective way to get my patients better.

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