Osteoporosis Seminar with Musculoskeletal expert Estelle Mitchell

Osteoporosis Seminar

This time we get to discuss our skeleton – that’s right, we’re talking bone health!

Wednesday 16 October – 11.30

Did you know that your bones do some absolutely fantastic jobs within your body?

  • Red blood cells are created in your bones
  • Stem cells – also created in your bones
  • They store minerals and nutrients
  • They are a critical part of your immune system

Which is why osteoporosis and changes to your bone health can be so debilitating.

So in this seminar we will discuss what you can do today to help your bone health, whether it’s part of a preventative process or because you already have changes in your bone structure. Covering nutrition, exercise and movement as well as the various therapy options available, we will talk about everything you need to know to keep your bones healthy.

There is no charge for the seminar but we do recommend booking as places are limited!

Contact us on 952 883 151, [email protected] or via WhatsApp on 699703936

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