Vertigo and physical therapy

Vertigo – the dizzy side of neck pain

Your neck is a pretty critical part of the body – it is, after all, the main connection between your brain and every other part of you. As I’ve explained before neck pain can be a big part of Migraines and other Headaches TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) Tinnitus Carpal Tunnel Tennis or Golfers Elbow As well as a host of other symptoms. But it can also play a large part…

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iPain - is your smartphone stopping you breathing?

iPain – is your mobile stopping you breathing?

I’ve spoken before about iPain – how the use of technology, and the positions we use it in, can have an effect on our health. The neck pain caused as we hunch over smaller and smaller screens for longer and longer can cause headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues. Is your mobile stopping you breathing properly? Recent studies have shown that smartphone users tend to report more pain…

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Migraines - caused by neck pain.

Physically Treating a Migraine or Headache

Since I set up the Headache Clinic many people have asked what is actually involved, what is it I do when you come to see me? No cracking I think the first point to make is that you won’t get your neck “cracked”. As a physiotherapist I don’t do the strong spinal manipulations that some chiropractors use. All of my physical therapy tools are gentle and you won’t be pulled or cracked…

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Magnetic Resonance Therapy - Your questions answered

Magnetic Resonance Therapy – All your questions answered (no matter how silly you think they are)

Did I forget any? If you have any questions at all, no matter how “silly” you think they are please email me or leave a comment. In my opinion, when it comes to medical treatment, there are no “silly” questions, because the important thing is that you understand what’s happening and why. Why 9 treatments? Because any more than that doesn’t give any additional, measurable, benefit. Won’t do any harm…

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Don't just sit there! Get moving

Don’t Just Sit There!

In a world where we sit to work, sit to relax, sit to travel we should understand the impact that sitting has on us all. We weren’t designed to sit (or slouch!) so get moving!!

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fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia – diagnosis or dead end?

In medicine (and I’m as guilty of this as many) we often consider getting a diagnosis the most important part. Having a name for what you’re going through, having a medical practitioner recognise that there is a problem can feel like a huge achievement. And everyone who practices medicine understands just how important this name is for the patient. But there are some groups of symptoms that medicine just doesn’t…

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Knee Pain after surgery

Knee Surgery – when it doesn’t fix the problem

Recent evidence suggests that as many as 20% of patients who have a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) continue to suffer chronic pain after surgery. The follow up looked into who this 20% might be – are there any common themes? Women We know women have a higher incidence of chronic pain. We also now know that pain messages in women are conveyed using a different biological system to men. So…

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kids get migraines too

Kids get Migraines too

Some estimate it as high as 10% of school age children that get migraines. But the tricky thing with kids is that they don’t get migraines the way adults do. Tummy ache or migraine? One of the key differences between adult migraines and kids’ is that kids can get migraines in their stomachs. Often kids will complain of pain in their stomach or vomiting and this can be a migraine.…

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Leg Pain- ankle, knee, hip and back - all connected

Knee Pain – the Big Picture

Knee pain – just one of those things that happens as you get older right? Or because you’re a runner. Or a tennis player. Or a padel player. Or . . . . just one of those things you learn to live with. Or is it? If you’ve got knee pain and you aren’t making progress perhaps there’s more to it? The whole body Everything in the body is connected.…

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Migraine or TMJ?

One of the most frustrating things for many migraine sufferers is that they can end up taking a lot of medication that doesn’t work! And why? Because migraines are often symptoms of other conditions which the medication, obviously, isn’t designed to treat. Resolving migraines can be a process of elimination – Is it a “true” migraine? (which means medication will probably help) A migraine caused by nerve inflammation? A migraine…

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