Magnetic Resonance Therapy - Your questions answered

Magnetic Resonance Therapy – All your questions answered (no matter how silly you think they are)

Did I forget any? If you have any questions at all, no matter how “silly” you think they are please email me or leave a comment. In my opinion, when it comes to medical treatment, there are no “silly” questions, because the important thing is that you understand what’s happening and why.

Why 9 treatments?

Because any more than that doesn’t give any additional, measurable, benefit. Won’t do any harm but won’t make a great deal of difference either. And for some people, less than 9 is enough. Recent injuries or youngsters will often need only 3 or 5 treatments. That’s why my assessment is so important, to make sure we do the right number of treatments for you.

Can I skip days? 

Ideally, for the best results, we do consecutive days. But if real life gets in the way and we have to skip a day we’ll catch up at the end and make the best of it!

Does it need to be the same time every day?

Nope, 8 to 36 hours between treatments is fine. So whichever time the next day that suits you is fine.

Do I have to stay completely still? 

Nope. although MRT is derived from the MRI scanner you don’t have to stay still trying not to breathe the same way! There are blue lights which mark the centre of the treatment ring, you need to keep the area we’re treating under those, but otherwise it is important that you’re comfortable as you’re here for an hour. So if you need to wiggle, scratch and fidget, that’s just fine.

Can I wear clothes?

Yes, we do usually ask that you take your shoes off if you’re lying on the big machine or treating a leg in the small machine but otherwise you can keep your clothes on. Or take them off if you’re too hot . . . the important thing is that you are comfortable for the hour of treatment.

Why is drinking water so important? 

MRT (just like an MRI scanner) makes the hydrogen atoms in your body move. It’s that movement which an MRI scanner takes a photo of. So, to make it as potent as possible we get you to drink H2O – more hydrogen in, the more there is to work with.

Does it hurt? Will I feel anything during treatment?

Probably not. Some patients do feel a warm or tingling sensation but many don’t feel anything at all during treatment itself.

Can I treat my whole body? 

While the osteoporosis bed does treat the entire body, the machines designed to treat cartilage, ligaments and tendons only treat “sections” of the body. Parts that fit within the rings. This is why the initial assessment is so important – so we put the right part under the ring!

Is it radiation?

Nope. This is electro-magnets. No radiation at all and completely safe. (although because it is a strong magnet we can’t treat patients with pacemakers and it’s not recommended for patients with active cancer or who are pregnant)

Will I get pictures? 

Sadly no, an MRI scanner is a LOT stronger and uses many more frequencies to be able to give you pictures. We use one set of frequencies for treatment.

Can I get this in the UK? Or elsewhere?

MBST (the German tradename) is available in the UK, Germany and other clinics throughout Europe. Last time I checked I have the only equipment in Spain.

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