iPain - is your smartphone stopping you breathing?

iPain – is your mobile stopping you breathing?

I’ve spoken before about iPain – how the use of technology, and the positions we use it in, can have an effect on our health. The neck pain caused as we hunch over smaller and smaller screens for longer and longer can cause headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues. Is your mobile stopping you breathing properly? Recent studies have shown that smartphone users tend to report more pain…

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Migraines - caused by neck pain.

Physically Treating a Migraine or Headache

Since I set up the Headache Clinic many people have asked what is actually involved, what is it I do when you come to see me? No cracking I think the first point to make is that you won’t get your neck “cracked”. As a physiotherapist I don’t do the strong spinal manipulations that some chiropractors use. All of my physical therapy tools are gentle and you won’t be pulled or cracked…

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Text neck or iPain

RSI? Carpal Tunnel? How to work smarter.

As more and more of us spend 8 hours or more a day sitting at our desks I am seeing many more technology related problems. What is RSI? RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury. This is any pain or injury that comes from performing the same task or being in the same position over and over again. Originally associated with factory workers on assembly lines it also includes things like tennis…

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kids get migraines too

Kids get Migraines too

Some estimate it as high as 10% of school age children that get migraines. But the tricky thing with kids is that they don’t get migraines the way adults do. Tummy ache or migraine? One of the key differences between adult migraines and kids’ is that kids can get migraines in their stomachs. Often kids will complain of pain in their stomach or vomiting and this can be a migraine.…

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Migraine or TMJ?

One of the most frustrating things for many migraine sufferers is that they can end up taking a lot of medication that doesn’t work! And why? Because migraines are often symptoms of other conditions which the medication, obviously, isn’t designed to treat. Resolving migraines can be a process of elimination – Is it a “true” migraine? (which means medication will probably help) A migraine caused by nerve inflammation? A migraine…

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Mi Marbella with Nicole King

Migraines on Marbella Now

During the summer I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the gorgeous Nicole King for Marbella Now on RTV Marbella. My section starts at 5.18 and lasts for about 10 minutes. I love the song they have used – “I’m feeeeeeeling good!”. We’re mainly talking about my new Headache Clinic as Nicole’s son suffers from migraines and came to see me. A lovely chat and a great video tour…

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your neck can cause your migraines even if it doesn't hurt

But my neck doesn’t hurt

Often, when I say that I can help people’s migraines and severe headaches by assessing and treating their neck their response is, “but my neck doesn’t hurt”. And yet . . . it’s still involved. How nerves work Nerves are designed to send messages from their end to the brain. That’s all they know how to do. If there is a problem at any point along that route all the…

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The median nerve runs from the neck to the wrist through the Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What is the Carpal Tunnel? The Carpal Tunnel is located on the palm side of your wrist. It is a tunnel to protect the median nerve which controls index and middle finger function. If there is any kind of blockage, pressure or inflammation in this tunnel it puts pressure on the nerve, creating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Carpal Tunnel syndrome typically starts with a vague aching in your wrist that…

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tinnitus and chronic pain are related and solveable

Tinnitus and Chronic Pain

I am privileged to work with an amazing audiologist, Peter Ormrod, who specialises in treating tinnitus. Interestingly one of the first things we spoke about when he came to work with us was tinnitus treatment. What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is when you can hear a sound that doesn’t have an outside source. The perception of this sound varies, some describe a high pitched whistle, others a buzzing, or even the…

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Migraines can be prevented with pulsed magnetic treatment

Magnetic Migraines – Pulsing, Pounding Migraine?

Migraines are notoriously difficult to treat. They often don’t respond very well to medication or the medication itself can have unwanted side effects. And you usually know they’re coming . . . . Migraines with Aura Some people experience symptoms before an attack called an aura. flashing lights, zigzag patterns or blind spots in your vision stiffness, a tingling sensation or pins and needles in your neck or shoulders feeling…

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