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Analyse the Connections


The greatest thing about doing a show like the Over 50’s Show at the beginning of the month is the opportunity and time to speak to lots of new patients. To find out what people are actually interested in and what their questions are.

The downside to being so passionate and involved in what I do is that I don’t always see things from the same perspective as my patients.

So having 2 whole days of speaking to people is a fantastic opportunity to learn what my patients are interested in and how to explain it so they understand it.

My biggest lesson this year was in how to explain how important gait analysis is and what it actually is!

So Emmie and I spent far more time than is probably good singing this song (Emmie is excused, she has a 2 year old, she spends lots of time singing silly songs!)

But, for such a silly kids song it actually explains it pretty well.

You see, the whole point of gait analysis, of videoing you and getting you to walk over my fantastic mat is so that I can look at you. A LOT of you. From your toes all the way up to your hips or your neck (depends what we’re looking for!) and understand the connection between all the joints, literally how your foot bones connect to your shin bones, how your shin bones connect to your knee bones, how your knee bones connect to your thigh bones. (Proper names excluded for comedy value)

So when, as one gentleman was telling me about his hip replacement and that he now has pain in his foot on the same leg and wondering how I could help, I sang him this song.

When another chap was telling me how he used to be bow legged, had a double knee replacement and gets a “funny clicking sound” and pain after walking, I sang him this song.

Because that is the point – it is all connected! And that’s why the gait analysis tools are so crucial to getting good results, we have to look at all of you and understand how they connect and how they are working together. If just one small part is out of kilter it can throw off and, ultimately, cause pain in all kinds of other places because . . . . . they are connected!!!

I see a lot of this song in my future . . . . .

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