Enter the Foot Zone

Enter The Foot Zone

This one day course will give you the skills to confidently assess your patient’s foot and lower limb function and pathology quickly and accurately and clearly explain this and its impact to your patient.

  • Detailed information on foot anatomy, mechanics and function and lower limb biomechanics.
  • The 6 Key Tests for patient assessment – a practical, hands on workshop with key consultation techniques to find out the most appropriate route forward for your patient.
  • Learn how to incorporate orthotic therapy into your clinic
  • Learn when to refer
  • How to handle reviews, follow ups and patient questions
  • Due to our location on the Costa del Sol this course will also focus on how to support keen athletes including golfers, runners, cyclers and skiers.

This course combines theory as well as a practical hands on workshop to ensure you feel comfortable and confident using these skills in your clinic.


Mr John O’Regan MCSP HCPC Physiotherapist and Podiatrist

Who is this course for

All medical practitioners including (but not limited to) physiotherapists, podiatrists, osteopaths, chiropractors and sports massage therapists who would like to incorporate orthotic therapy into their clinic.

Extras and Practical info

Price includes:

  • Lunch and coffee
  • Full work book and course information
  • Follow up marketing and business support

Course is in English

Book now – [email protected]

Map to the clinic

detailed Map and Directions

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