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Limping down the aisle – quick rehab for a hamstring

Most people don’t want to take a lot of time off from their life when they get an injury. Rest is probably the most loathed treatment option, certainly here on the Costa del Sol where many of my patients are involved in sport!

While patients generally want to get better as quickly as possible most people don’t have quite such a tight deadline. Carlos injured his hamstring playing football and could barely walk when he came to see me. Not unusual for this type of injury but there was a slight problem, Carlos was getting married in about a week! Weddings in Spain are not small affairs, limping down the aisle and being unable to dance the first dance with his bride were NOT an option!

So we pulled out all the stops and every trick in the book to get Carlos back on his feet in time to walk his (absolutely beautiful!) bride down the aisle and dance to her content at the reception.

“A week ago I injured my leg playing football and unfortunately suffered a muscle tear in my right leg, as you can imagine the pain was terrible. I went to the emergency room and they bandaged my leg and I had to wait a couple of days to get an ultrasound of the leg, in which they found that the muscle was torn, I was told a couple of weeks of rest and anti-inflammatory. As I was getting married in a few days and have known Estelle for some time, I decided to go and see her. The professionalism and tenderness with which Estelle treats her patients as well as the latest machinery and years of experience have made the recovery more rapid and satisfactory for me. So thanks to her I can walk down the aisle without crutches or wheelchair. Thank you for everything Estelle !!!”

Carlos, Marbella

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