Sandie Ashing Clinical Hypnotherapist at Lux Therapy Clinic


As many of you know we are very proud of our team of professionals here at Bodyworks.

Some are full time team members and others drop in when a patient would prefer to be seen near Marbella.

And to we have a special gift from two of our regular practitioners – husband and wife team behind Lux Therapy Clinic – Sandie and Stuart Ashing.

Sandie is a clinical hypnotherapist who uses gentle sessions of deep relaxation hypnosis to work through a number of issues. From anxiety and depression to stopping smoking and weight loss, Sandie gently helps you get into a place where you can help yourself.

While many of her sessions happen in person, either at their base inland or here at the clinic, Sandie also gives her clients tools to continue that support in between appointments.

And she has generously gifted one of her support sessions.

This will help you to feel a lift in mood and confidence, before you drift off to sleep at night.

Want to learn more about Sandie and Stuart’s work? Check out their website here and call them for more information!

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