Osteoarthritis - 5 facts backed by science

Osteoarthritis – 5 facts based on science

In my newsletter last week I went through a detailed description of injections for knee pain which prompted more questions about options. (Don’t forget you can sign up over there on the left!)

I thought I’d follow up with more detail about the physio route, as that’s my personal preference (obviously!). All backed by modern science I should add. 

  1. Images aren’t necessary unless there’s something odd (we call them red flags). And they have almost no relation to the patient’s pain – people with “terrible” MRI images can have no pain and vice versa, patients with terrible pain can have “perfect” MRI images. 
  2. Exercise is GOOD for cartilage, it helps to strengthen it. It might be uncomfortable (which is where the help comes in) but don’t stop! And strong muscles help to support grumpy joints. 
  3. Previous injuries can make the situation worse – so please give me your history! 
  4. Weight matters – excess weight increases inflammation in the whole body. Making grumpy joints feel worse. 
  5. Surgery should not be the first option (but you knew I was going to say that!)

There’s more detail and all the studies and important science type stuff on this web page from the Australian Physio Association.

And if you have a more personal questions you want answered then book a telephone consultation with our team or a full assessment.

Not sure what’s best for you? Our Patient Care Coordinator can talk you through the options available both at the clinic and locally to make sure you get the best support possible.

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