RAF Centenary - Celebrating 100 years

RAF100 – Military Training!

So, in case anyone missed it, I trained in the RAF.

This was/is a big deal to me, without that opportunity I couldn’t have become a physiotherapist at all. The fact that the training I received, the people I had the opportunity to work with, were so unbelievably excellent is just the huge dollop of icing on an already fabulous cake!

And this year, on April 1st, the RAF turns 100!

The people I was fortunate enough to serve with are forever embedded in my heart and I could wax lyrical about them until you’re bored to tears!! But suffice to say that those who have served stand together.

Serving the military

So this centenary has inspired me to do what I can to support those who have served.

Anyone who can quote their service number, whatever treatment they book during this fantastic celebratory month of April 2018, will only pay half price at Bodyworks.

Find that service number, Contact us and book your treatment now!

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