Lymphatic Drainage after breast surgery

Lymphatic Drainage after breast surgery

I’ve been using my Electrolymphatic treatment machine for a few years now and I’ve seen some amazing results. As I’ve spoken about before I use it to treat a wide range of issues as part of my physiotherapy practice. But, where I get most excited is in using it to treat post surgical patients, particularly after breast surgery. Why is this so exciting? After a diagnosis and operation for breast…

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RAF Centenary - Celebrating 100 years

RAF100 – Military Training!

So, in case anyone missed it, I trained in the RAF. This was/is a big deal to me, without that opportunity I couldn’t have become a physiotherapist at all. The fact that the training I received, the people I had the opportunity to work with, were so unbelievably excellent is just the huge dollop of icing on an already fabulous cake! And this year, on April 1st, the RAF turns…

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Osteoporosis and Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Osteoporosis – are drugs the only answer?

When is a broken bone not a broken bone? Bones are alive and continually changing – worn out bone being replaced by new.  In fact you get a completely new skeleton every 10 years! Bones have a thick outer shell and a honeycomb mesh inside – when the gaps in this internal mesh become bigger, making the bone fragile and brittle, this is osteoporosis. Surprise! Osteoporosis is often called a…

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Women in Business - Estelle Mitchell, Consultant Physiotherapist

Women in Business

For International Women’s Day this year I was interviewed by the Euro Weekly for their “Women in Business” Special! Estelle Mitchell, Consultant Physiotherapist at The Bodyworks Clinic English Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, SRP, HPC, OCPPP, Grad Dip Phys. Col No 2070. Musculoskeletal Specialist It still seems strange to be included in a Women in Business section, to me I am “just” a physiotherapist! But, having run The Bodyworks Clinic here on…

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Estelle Mitchell supporting Knitted Knockers on the Costa del Sol

Knitted Knockers

At which point you ask, “what on earth is a knitted knocker?!” And wonder whether I have completely lost the plot! A Knitted Knocker is a breast prosthesis, knitted by volunteers, with 100% cotton yarn and filled with non-allergenic stuffing. And provided FREE to anyone who needs one. There, that’s the technical bit out of the way! How much do your boobs weigh? A question that many a woman, particularly…

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Hip Dysplasia is 7 times more common in women

Hip dysplasia

A hip replacement is a fairly common procedure if you have arthritis in your hips. But what if it’s not that simple? The incorrect procedure can lead to long term issues and pain. Taking the time to get the right diagnosis is a critical part of choosing the correct procedure for you. Hip dysplasia is the most common cause of hip arthritis in young women but it is easy to…

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Relieve the pressure on the base of the big toe and resolve the problem.

Bunions – explained

I was horrified to read on the NHS website (usually a reliable if rather conventional source) that the “cause of bunions is unknown“. What Utter Nonsense!!! We know the cause and have done for decades – excess pressure on the joint at the base of the big toe. This pressure causes the joint to twist out of alignment and swell, causing the typical “bump” as the bones move out to the…

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Migraines - caused by neck pain.

Migraines – more than just a headache

Migraines – any one who suffers will tell you they are so much more than “just” a headache. Intense, throbbing pain, sometimes on one side, sufferers are often unable to continue with their everyday lives. Patients often end up on regular medication with indifferent effectiveness. But, there is another option . . . . . Migraine Symptoms Some people experience symptoms before a migraine attack called an aura. flashing lights,…

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Does Lymphatic Drainage help cellulite?

Does Lymphatic Drainage help cellulite?

This ladies (and it really is only ladies!) is the $64,000 dollar question. And I realise that the future of my mortgage payments and any hope I have of upgrading my Golf to a convertible rides on the answer to this question! And the answer is . . . . . . Yes. But it helps it doesn’t cure. So this is how it works – underneath the skin, all…

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