Lymphatic Drainage after breast surgery

Lymphatic Drainage after breast surgery

I’ve been using my Electrolymphatic treatment machine for a few years now and I’ve seen some amazing results.

As I’ve spoken about before I use it to treat a wide range of issues as part of my physiotherapy practice. But, where I get most excited is in using it to treat post surgical patients, particularly after breast surgery.

Why is this so exciting?

After a diagnosis and operation for breast cancer (from lumpectomy to mastectomy) the lymph nodes near the breast are affected. Patients often find their wounds are slow to heal and have a lot of swelling. This is where the lymphatic machine comes in.

Manual lymphatic therapy is often prescribed and is very useful. But as this study in Germany demonstrates, combining manual therapies with electro lymphatic (that’s the “Deep Oscillation” they refer to) reduces pain and swelling far more quickly and effectively than manual therapy alone.

There has also been some interesting research from Moscow, only on mice so far but I’ve certainly seen similar responses in my very human patients, that demonstrates that the electrolymphatic therapy reduces swelling, increases healing speed, and, critically, reduces scars in post-operative patients.

So the combination of these two studies means that I highly recommend the electrolymphatic therapy to patients after breast surgery.


  • Barbara Shannon

    March 12, 2017, 10:56 pm

    Hello……loved your info on working with breast conditions. Have you ever tried and / or heard breast cupping……wondering if that would be similar?? It’s working with the lymphatic system as well. Anything you can share I’d appreciate it……Thanks

    • Estelle Mitchell

      June 23, 2017, 12:01 pm

      Hi Barbara, I don’t know much about breast cupping as a technique, there are many different ways of activating the lymphatic system – some more effective than others!
      As with any medical treatment always check that they have proper scientific studies to back it up and are properly qualified and insured to treat you (just in case!).
      Take care and good luck,

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