Learning about the importance of MOVEMENT

Strengthen your Core or your foundation?

Having a strong “core” has been the mantra for many physios, pilates teachers, yoga teachers, fitness experts for quite a few years now.

But what if the key to better posture and less injuries was a bit lower?

Good Foundations

I read a fantastic article from Matt Fitzpatrick , a consultant podiatrist at the College of Podiatry discussing his belief that if you strengthen and exercise your feet you will reduce strain throughout the kinetic chain (that’s the muscles that work together to hold you up and move you forward!) and therefore move better. (sorry most of it’s behind a paywall online, I read it the old fashioned way!)

I feel Matt and I would get along!

The sore foot shuffle

Let’s put this another way – what do you do when your foot hurts? Limp? Hobble? Walk more slowly?

Stand in front of a mirror and bend one knee.

Now you can’t touch the floor with your heel.

AND  you’ve dropped your hip and therefore twisted your back.

Maybe one shoulder dropped.

OR you’re feeling unstable so both shoulders rounded so you can see the floor better to avoid obstacles.

See how your whole posture changed?

If both feet are stable and flexible on the floor then you send all these great signals to your brain saying, “it’s ok! You can trust us not to fall over!” So your brain can bring your eyes off the floor, relax the muscles it was tensing in preparation for a problems and let you bounce and move!

Now look in the mirror – see how much taller you are? How much slimmer you are?

Fix the wheels

Feet are like the wheels on your car.

Maintain good tyre “health” and you reduce petrol consumption, reduce stress through the suspension and therefore every joint in the engine. Everything literally, runs smoothly.

Why treat your car better than your body?

Simple vs complicated

There are 2 really easy ways to look after your feet:

  1. Support them! We have moved so far past Forest Gump style orthopaedic shoes!
  2. Exercise them – check out Matt’s recommending exercise on our website.

If you want to bounce on the padel court, swing easily on the golf course or just walk and move more comfortably – look after your feet. You might be surprised how much slimmer and taller you are with some good foundations!

Foot support doesn’t have to be expensive – good, clinical support can start from as little as 60€ (ok, it can go up from there too but .. !).

If you think your feet are bringing you down give us a call on 952 883 151 or book a gait analysis with me and we can see what the options are!

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