Hearing Aid Maintenance in the Summer on the Costa del Sol

Summer Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

With Peter away for 2 weeks (who said he was allowed holidays?!) he thought he should leave some advice for maintaining your hearing aids in his absence!

Hot and Sweaty

Summer on the coast means one thing – HEAT! And for most of us that leaves us a bit hot and sweaty.

Your own sweat can increase the condensation within the hearing aid itself – basically causing water to get in. Combine that with the changes in temperature from air conditioning to hot daylight and you might get water in those complicated electrics.


  • wear a sweatband if you’re exercising
  • wipe down your hearing aids sporadically
  • when you remove them leave them somewhere cool and dry with the battery door open


Hearing aids are tiny, complicated electronics inside a plastic case. Make sure to protect them from heat which can warp, melt or crack the outer shell.


  • store in a cool, dry place when not wearing them
  • never leave them in direct sunlight or a hot car
  • wear a hat if you’re going to be in the sun for long periods

Water Resistant does NOT mean Waterproof!

Most hearing aids have some level of moisture protection. But this is so they don’t stop working if you get caught in the rain NOT so you can wear them to go swimming!

There are specific hearing aids designed for swimming and water sports. If you don’t have one it’s NOT good.


  • Store your hearing aids in a waterproof case somewhere cool and dry while you swim

The Sea

If water is bad, saltwater is worse! If you get saltwater inside your hearing aids it can also leave salt crystals which damage those delicate electronics.

One thing to watch for is spray – when walking on the beach or enjoying the deck on a boat, the spray from the sea can also cause damage.

Hearing Aid Summer Maintenance Marbella

Please don’t ever do this to your hearing aids!


Just like water and salt crystals, getting sand inside a hearing aid can cause damage to the delicate electronics and block microphone ports.


  • Don’t touch your hearing aids with sandy hands!
  • If they have got sandy wipe them down carefully with a clean towel.
  • If you removed your hearing aids remember to wipe the outside of the case to remove any stray grains before opening it.

Suncream, Bug spray and other lotions and potions

Don’t forget that your hearing aid has a plastic case! Some sunscreens, body lotions and bug sprays can contain chemicals which damage or mark plastic.

Some aerosol sprays are very fine and can enter your hearing aids.


  • Cover or remove your hearing aids before applying sprays or other products to the area.
  • Wash your hands before handling your hearing aids
  • Wipe down your hearing aids to remove any traces

Keep out the bugs!

In the warmth and humidity of summer bacteria, germs and fungi flourish. Take extra care to keep your hearing aids clean to prevent any nasty infections.


  • Microbial towelettes are handy for regularly disinfecting and cleaning. Try using them every 2 days or every day if you’ve got sweaty / been to the beach / been by the sea.
  • Many hearing aids come with a small brush to remove wax build up – use this at least once a week
  • A soft, dry, microfiber cloth is a good tool for keeping your hearing aids clean and dry.

Too late! They got wet – now what?

Do NOT use a hair dryer or other hot device to dry them out! That will cause more damage.

As soon as possible remove the battery and leave somewhere cool and dry to dry out.

Some people recommend leaving in a plastic bag filled with uncooked rice overnight but we’ve not tried it personally!

I’m not sure if my hearing aids are damaged

If you experience any of the following please call Peter asap so that he can repair your hearing aids!

  • Your hearing aid(s) cut out when noises are loud.
  • They turn off and turn back on
  • Sounds fade in and out
  • You hear a lot of static
  • Sounds are distorted

Have any other questions for Peter or need help with your hearing aids? Book your free hearing test today

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  • Erik Genberg

    October 4, 2018, 8:33 pm

    Can you help me get rid of my 20 year old tinitus problem, before venturing into hearing aids?
    Can I see you tomorrow oct 5 Friday, what time is good for you?
    I also would like your expert advice how to improve my hearing naturally or with modern technology.

    Erik Genberg

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