The Alphabet for Over 50's

The Over 50’s Alphabet

A friend of mine recently reached a significant birthday and this song was composed by a fabulously creative couple in her honour. It made me laugh so much that I asked for permission to share it here with you! A’s for Arthritis B’s the bad back C’s the chest pains, perhaps cardiac? D is for dental decay and decline E is for eyesight, can’t read that top line! F is…

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Costa del Success

The Bodyworks Clinic – Successful Treatment

Another lovely interview with our friends at The Euro Weekly News as part of their Costa del Success series. What an honour to be considered successful!  Estelle Mitchell founded The Bodyworks Clinic in 2004, for 12 years she has offered physiotherapy, health screening and a number of innovative treatment options focusing on non-surgical options. Having been on the Costa del Sol through good times and bad we asked Estelle for…

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7 Tips for when kids are a pain in the neck

7 Physio tips for when kids are a pain in the neck

Having children is such a wonderful experience right? Kisses, cuddles, being the absolute centre of someone’s universe . . . . . but it can take a toll on our bodies – for mums AND dads. The lifting and carrying of babies, wriggling toddlers, buggies, nappy bags, and all the paraphernalia. The sustained and repetitive postures as you feed, rock them to sleep or lie curled on the edge of…

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iPain - is your mobile, tablet or laptop giving you a pain in the neck?

iPain – technology is a pain in the neck

Technology is a wonderful thing, but more and more I am seeing pain and problems due to people spending so much time hunched over their smartphones and computers. With a desktop PC, the separate components could be adjusted for better posture. But using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, people often work away from a desk, hunched over on a sofa. The average human head weighs between 10 and 12lbs or…

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Look at that – I’m on the telly!

Last week I was invited to join the lovely Nicole King on her Marbella Now TV show for the RTV Marbella TV station. My part starts at about 50 minutes and I’m talking about my new Headache Clinic. You  can see all of their programmes online and keep up with the news on Nicole’s facebook page.

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Euro Weekly News - Coast's Leading Physiotherapist

Coast’s Leading Physiotherapist

Another wonderful article from the ever supportive Euro Weekly News. Thanks to Lorna for all her help and support as ever. And, even better, some amazing photos from the party! Have you seen the frogs on my cake?! Coast’s Leading Physiotherapist – Euro Weekly News

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Mi Marbella with Nicole King

On the radio . . . .

A little belated but I was on RTV Marbella radio – the Mi Marbella show with Nicole King. You can listen to the show here! (My bit starts at about 14 minutes in) and in case the technology fails me (come on, you know me and technology by now right?!) here is the link to someone else’s page to listen to the show. You can follow Nicole and find out…

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