7 Tips for when kids are a pain in the neck

7 Physio tips for when kids are a pain in the neck

Having children is such a wonderful experience right? Kisses, cuddles, being the absolute centre of someone’s universe . . . . . but it can take a toll on our bodies – for mums AND dads.

The lifting and carrying of babies, wriggling toddlers, buggies, nappy bags, and all the paraphernalia. The sustained and repetitive postures as you feed, rock them to sleep or lie curled on the edge of the bed because they’re scared of the dark.

My 7 top tips to keep you lifting, hugging and playing comfortably:

  1. Use a baby carrier – avoiding carrying for long periods – use a baby carrier with postural support.
  2. Check the buggy handle – make sure that the buggy handles are the right height for you, no hunching over! Keep your shoulders back, head up and stride long.
  3. Switch sides – most parents have one hip that baby sits on. This causes that hip to lift and twist the spine and shoulders. Try and alternate hips as much as you can.
  4. Squat, don’t bend – when getting down to play or lift up baby, try and squat with your knees rather than bending your back – kids get heavy quick!
  5. Use cushions – when feeding, whether breast or bottle, make sure that baby’s weight is properly supported with cushions and that your back is too!
  6. Stretch! – if you can get to a yoga or pilates class, that’s great! If not try these quick stretches:
    1. Roll your shoulders back 10 times
    2. With arms by your sides imagine a pencil between your shoulder blades, squeeze to grip it 10 times.
    3. Clasp your hand behind your back and pull them down to your bum and slightly away from your body. Hold for 5 and repeat 5 times.
  1. Ice – if your neck or shoulders are aching try and ice pack for 10 minutes every 30 minutes.

And if you find that you are getting any numbness or shooting pains, trouble moving or that pain is lasting more than 48 hours seek a professional opinion.

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