iPain - kids posture

iPain – are we raising a hunchback generation?

As a fairly new convert to the iPhone I’m in awe of how easily kids pick up technology. Even toddlers can now work smartphones and tablets with amazing speed and dexterity. But as working adults we are all aware of the toll technology can take on our health: Migraines Tension headaches Carpal tunnel Tennis elbow Shoulder / Neck pain Tingling or loss of strength in your fingers or arms Breathing…

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iPain - is your smartphone stopping you breathing?

iPain – is your mobile stopping you breathing?

I’ve spoken before about iPain – how the use of technology, and the positions we use it in, can have an effect on our health. The neck pain caused as we hunch over smaller and smaller screens for longer and longer can cause headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues. Is your mobile stopping you breathing properly? Recent studies have shown that smartphone users tend to report more pain…

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