iPain - kids posture

iPain – are we raising a hunchback generation?

As a fairly new convert to the iPhone I’m in awe of how easily kids pick up technology. Even toddlers can now work smartphones and tablets with amazing speed and dexterity.

But as working adults we are all aware of the toll technology can take on our health:

  • Migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder / Neck pain
  • Tingling or loss of strength in your fingers or arms
  • Breathing issues

As parents and grandparents we need to be equally aware of the toll these abnormal positions can take on young bones.

What to watch for

Kids are notoriously bad at telling us where it. So we have to learn by watching them and asking different questions.

Kids get migraines in their stomachs – stomach pain or vomiting with or without head pain can be a sign of migraines in children. Travel sickness, dizziness and lethargy can also be symptoms.

Trouble balancing – all those sensitive nerves that run from the feet to the brain and tell you where your body is run through the neck. If they start to get squished from poor posture their messages can get muddled. This can cause loss of feeling or pins and needles in the hands, wrist or elbow pain. In the legs they can get similar sensations but also feel wobbly or unbalanced.

Eye pain – too much time focusing on such a short distance can cause eye issues and difficulty seeing long distances.

How worried should we be?

If your child or teenager is getting migraines or other pain then it is time to get help. Please make sure whoever you seek help from is properly qualified to treat children as different techniques are used.

Otherwise, so long as your child’s time on their phone or tablet is limited and they are spending plenty of time outside and movement then relax and enjoy the summer!

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