Studying and supporting Kids Feet at Bodyworks Spain

Children’s Feet – Junior Formthotics Trial

I came across some fascinating information today about a trial done with podiatrists in New Zealand, Australia and the UK looking at using Formthotics to support children’s feet. I’ve worked with Formthotics for over 20 years now, in the NHS, private practice in the UK and now here in Spain. I’ve tried many (many, MANY!) other brands and support options over the last 2+ decades but I keep coming back…

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Craniosacral Osteopathy at Bodyworks for babies

Craniosacral Osteopathy for babies

Our guest post this week is from Geoffrey Wattine, our Craniosacral Osteopath. While Geoffrey treats many adults he is also specially qualified to treat babies and young children (pregnant ladies too!). This week Geoffrey talks about how treatment works for babies, even just as they arrive!  Osteopathy is very beneficial for babies. During birth the baby passes through the pelvis and the head suffers compression. After birth a natural phase…

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Starting off on the right foot – the Initial Consultation

I have always believed that getting better is a two way process – my job is to guide and educate rather than just “do to” you. If you understand what’s happening within your own body, why you feel the way you do and react the way you do, then you understand why I make the recommendations that I do. And you make an educated decision about how to proceed. Either…

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School shoes need to fit correctly

Kids’ shoes – what to do when you can’t find a Clarks

When my daughter was little there was a ritual at this time of year – the annual trip to Clarks Shoe Shop to buy sensible shoes for school. As she grew older this inevitably turned into something of a battle but, unsurprisingly given my feelings about feet, I won for a long time! The time the assistants spent, making sure that the fit was right for the shoe, the arch…

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Scoliosis - What to look for


With the Olympics just finished we have had plenty of chances to see “perfect” bodies. But did you know how many Olympic athletes past and present had scoliosis? Usain Bolt – Jamaican runner (you may have heard of him?!) Alexandra Marinescu – Romanian gymnast Jon Olsen – swimmer for the USA Jennifer Thompson – swimmer for the USA, one of the most decorated Olympians in history What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a term used…

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iPain - kids posture

iPain – are we raising a hunchback generation?

As a fairly new convert to the iPhone I’m in awe of how easily kids pick up technology. Even toddlers can now work smartphones and tablets with amazing speed and dexterity. But as working adults we are all aware of the toll technology can take on our health: Migraines Tension headaches Carpal tunnel Tennis elbow Shoulder / Neck pain Tingling or loss of strength in your fingers or arms Breathing…

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kids get migraines too

Kids get Migraines too

Some estimate it as high as 10% of school age children that get migraines. But the tricky thing with kids is that they don’t get migraines the way adults do. Tummy ache or migraine? One of the key differences between adult migraines and kids’ is that kids can get migraines in their stomachs. Often kids will complain of pain in their stomach or vomiting and this can be a migraine.…

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School shoes need to fit correctly

School Shoes – Getting the right fit

Aaaaah,Back to School time, depending on which side of the parenting fence you are on you are jumping for joy or sad for the end of summer. But whatever you feel about this time of year one thing never changes – kids grow! And that means new uniform and new school shoes. While the wrong size clothes might be annoying or irritating, the wrong size shoes can have a BIG…

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