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Children’s Feet – Junior Formthotics Trial

I came across some fascinating information today about a trial done with podiatrists in New Zealand, Australia and the UK looking at using Formthotics to support children’s feet.

I’ve worked with Formthotics for over 20 years now, in the NHS, private practice in the UK and now here in Spain. I’ve tried many (many, MANY!) other brands and support options over the last 2+ decades but I keep coming back to Formthotics.

Support for little feet

Now Formthotics have quite a few distinct features that make them a step above (ha!) other types of insole, but by far the most profound for me is that they include supports for children.

Not just children with serious clinical difficulties, but children who need a little extra support in the same way that many adults do.

Children who play sport and children who don’t.

And they start from an EU 25 or UK 8, that’s about 3 years old.

What age do we fit them?

Now there is a school of thought that says you should only support kids’ feet from the age of 6 when the arch is fully developed.

Another which suggests you should wait until 12, another that you must wait until the bones are completely fixed and the child is an adult at 18-24 years old.

In my experience that leaves a lot of kids in pain for a long time. Years. Completely unnecessarily.

Support vs correction

One of those distinct features of Formthotics that I love is that they are soft. They form around and work with the foot rather than a hard insole that forces the foot to adjust to it.

This is especially important for soft, malleable kids’ feet. Stick hard pieces of plastic in their shoe and I guarantee they will get “lost” within days.

Put something in their shoes that is comfortable and soft, that gently encourages the foot to learn how to work correctly? They wear them until you can see through them!

Formthotics don’t try and force a growing foot into being “perfect”. They simply provide the best situation for their feet to “learn” how to function better.

The science bit

And this lovely study backs it up – 96% of the children who had Formthotics for 4 weeks said their pain was gone and their shoes were comfortable.

That’s 96% of children who had excessive pronation, night cramps, pain in their legs or knees, intoeing and moderate pain who were happily wearing Formthotics for 4 weeks. And their pain stopped.

One of those other features I love about Formthotics? You fit them instantly. No messing around with casting and ordering and return visits, you check the style, see the results, customise them and walk out the door. All in the same visit.

What do you see?

So next time you’re walking behind your child have a little look at their feet. Are their ankles and Achilles Tendons lining up neatly? Or are they angled inwards or outwards?

Do they get “growing pains”? Tired and sore legs after little activity? Pain in their knees or hips?

Do you? Remember their feet are inherited! So if their parents have interesting or wayward feet that cause problems, chances are 50/50 that your kids do to!

Perhaps a pair of Formthotics might just take that pain away.

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