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Starting off on the right foot – the Initial Consultation

I have always believed that getting better is a two way process – my job is to guide and educate rather than just “do to” you.

If you understand what’s happening within your own body, why you feel the way you do and react the way you do, then you understand why I make the recommendations that I do.

And you make an educated decision about how to proceed. Either continuing treatment at Bodyworks or, if circumstances don’t allow, being in a position to make clear, educated choices on how to get the best treatment in the future.

So the first time we meet is really, REALLY important. And a LOT happens.

First time or second time

Even if I’ve seen you before, the first appointment for this question/issue/pain is important. I need an update on where you are now so we can make a plan for right now. Medicine gets better, new theories and treatment methods arrive and what I might have told you 5 years ago might not be what I say today.

So before starting any course of treatment you and I need a chance to touch base, exchange information and make the best plan for this moment.

What happens?

If this is the first time I’ve seen you then we will spend about 1.5 – 2 hours in our first appointment.

  1. We need to take a full, detailed medical history. All those incidents and accidents are part of the journey to where you are today. That knowledge puts me in the best position to offer help and guidance.
  2. Then we need to do a thorough clinical and physical assessment. My top tip for medicine – never trust a professional who doesn’t want to take your clothes off! How can they understand your back if they’ve never seen it move and interact with the rest of your body?
  3. Explain. Discuss. Plan. Once I’ve gathered all the information I need then I need to explain to you what I see so that YOU understand. Because it’s your body. That way, when it comes to making a plan you understand why I make the recommendations that I do and you can make an educated decision on whether they are right for you. Or not.
  4. Acute Pain Relief treatment. Because no one comes to see me when they’re happy! So we always need to factor time in to make sure that you are comfortable.

Why is it important?

Because you are a unique individual that followed a specific path to where you are today. And contrary to popular belief one size does NOT fit all.

Plus pain can be tricksy – sometimes we feel pain in one location when actually, the root cause, is somewhere else. So there is no point wasting your time and money treating something that isn’t going to make you better.

If we take the time at the beginning to understand the problem, decide the best route forward and make sure that you understand how this is going to work the whole process moves much more smoothly.

Why isn’t it free?

Because I offer value.

There is a huge amount of work from both of us that goes into this first appointment. We take the time up front to make sure that we have the right answers and that these solutions are right for you.

Also, without wanting to make promises I can’ t keep, you might not need any more treatment, we may be able to untangle you in that first appointment, it’s why we allow time.

On the other hand if we very quickly discover that you’re in the wrong place and I can’t help you, then we will arrange for an onward referral and only charge for whatever time we took.



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