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“Stairs were like Mount Everest” – the effects of knee pain

I had been seeing this lady for some time helping keep her back and knee pain under control. Then I found MRT! It took me a little while to convince her but eventually she agreed to try MRT on her lower back/lumbar spine. The relief she felt was so great that she decided to have the treatment on her knee as well!

Fortunately for her, I see a LOT less of her these days. A fantastic result.

“I started my MBST treatment on 3rd July, 9 in all. This treatment was for my lumber spine. On the 2nd day I had an increase in pain which only lasted a few days. During the treatment I definitely felt my back improving, although I was tired at times, my back was less stiff, getting out of bed was getting easier by the day and getting in and out of the car too. Two weeks after completing the treatment, I felt my back was becoming much stronger, this was also noticed by my Pilates teacher. My husband said that I was much happier and less frazzled!  I was also feeling much taller.

3 weeks after completing my treatment I was able to drive from Estepona town to Marbella, something that I had been unable to do for at least a year. Of course this gave me a real boost and I felt much more positive about everything. I was much happier and had more energy. 2 months after finishing my treatment I was able to drive for an hour and get out of the car without being stiff and walking stiffly.

Now 3 months since finishing the treatment I’m very pleased with the result.

I started my MBST treatment on my right knee on 23rd July. On the third day I did get an increase of pain, however after this I could definitely feel that the treatment was working. Going up and down stairs became easier even during the week of treatment. The week after finishing the treatment the knee was stronger and I had no pain. The 3rd week I was able to go up and down stairs without using the handrail. This was just fantastic as before I had to pull myself up the stairs.

Now 3 months since finishing the treatment I can go up and down stairs without pain, my knee feels much stronger.  I now do not look at stairs or steps as though they are Mount Everest, and asking “is there a lift or alternate route?” I am very pleased with the result.”

Suzie, Estepona

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