Staying safe at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

The New Normal

Now all of Andalucia is safely into Phase 3 so we start to look forward to the “New Normal”.

Here at Bodyworks we are guided by the regulations from the Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Andalucia as they are my governing body.

I’m not an epidemiologist or a virologist or an infectious disease specialist (although I know them!). I’m very lucky to have had the support and input of some very qualified people to help me make sense of what are appropriate safety measures in our clinic at the moment.

Some of this means we are going to feel a little different as you walk in, for now at least. We are not going to even try and predict what happens next!

Only Appointments

Currently we are ONLY open for appointments.

Not drastically different to usual but it does mean that for some of our services (like the Mobiliser) you will have to check with Emmie to arrange a time to come in.

We are staggering appointments to give as much space between people as possible and minimise the people in reception at one time.

So please give Emmie a call on 952 883 151, a WhatsApp on 699703936 or an email to [email protected] to confirm your appointment time or if you need to change it.

Before your appointment

If this is your first appointment with us, or with a new practitioner within our team, then we will ask you to complete as many forms and details online prior to your appointment.

This is done through our secure online booking system, we call her Jane! She’ll send you an email with a link and you can complete it on the device of your choice.

Don’t panic if the thought of online form filling gives you a panic attack – we still have paper and pen at the clinic! We’re just trying to minimise how much everyone has to touch at reception.

When you arrive

Emmie will greet you at the door and go through everything with you.

We will ask you to remove any coats or outdoor clothing and leave them in reception.

We will also ask you to leave any bags or similar items in the storage provided in reception. If you do need to bring an item into the clinic (phone, kindle, wallet etc) we provide sanitising wipes to clean the item.

We ask that you wear a mask throughout your time in the clinic. If you haven’t brought one, don’t worry, we keep a store of brand new ones behind the desk!

We will also ask you to sanitise your hands before coming in.

Now doesn’t all of that make you feel just about as welcome as a fox in a henhouse?! Not quite the warm, relaxing welcome that we have always aimed for, but . . . welcome to the “new normal”!

When you leave

At this time we are asking patients to pay by card rather than cash if possible.

Onwards and upwards

Honestly, I’m not enjoying spending my working day in a mask! But I do want everyone who comes to our clinic to feel as safe as possible and that we are taking your health seriously.

The nature of the work we do is that the people who see us often have complicated medical situations and we must do everything possible to make sure that they leave us feeling better and MORE healthy.

As things relax we will continue to review our procedures to balance your safety with the current situation, but these choices will be guided by the Ministry of Health here in Spain.

If you have specific questions or requirements please do not hesitate to contact me or Emmie and we will do our best to answer and accommodate you.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and helping you stay healthy.

Thank you,

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