Top tips for things to do with a tennis ball!

Things to do with a tennis ball

For keen athletes, in an ideal world, every time you train you would do as the professionals do and see a physiotherapist to untangle any kinks.

However in the real world we rarely have the time and resources to follow every ideal.

So here are my 4 top tips and tricks for keeping you going even when you haven’t got a physio at home.

1. A tennis ball –

A tennis ball is the ideal shape and size to use as a handy, at home massage tool:

Foot massage – place your foot on top of the ball and roll it around. Stretch your plantar fascia by trying to get toes and heel on the floor at the same time.

Shoulder massage – find a nice flat wall. Put the tennis ball near the top of your shoulder blade and lean against the wall. Adjust the ball until you find a tender spot then rest there with as much body weight as you can tolerate. Don’t forget the other side!

Neck massage – lie on the floor and place the ball underneath the base of your head. Roll up and down on both sides to loosen the neck muscles.

2. A water bottle –

a half filled water bottle that’s been in the freezer for a couple of hours gives a great pain relieving massage. Roll underneath your feet or use under your neck to help stretch muscles and fascia and relieve pain.

Professional shortcuts

Sometimes an early visit to a professional can keep you out of trouble. They can give you tools and exercises to help prevent your common injuries.

3. Taping

kinisiotape is everywhere! And it’s a great tool for athletes. It can get you back to training without pain very quickly. Plus, for many common injuries your therapist can teach you to apply it yourself. A wonderful trick for knee pain and Achilles Tendon problems.

4. The right shoes

getting a professional gait analysis can prevent injuries. If you are using your feet properly you reduce muscle strain which means you can train for longer, harder, faster and without injury. It’s like having a physio in your shoe.

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  • Hector Hernandez

    October 18, 2016, 6:11 pm

    I use a tennis ball mixed in with my foam roller myself. Great post!

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