5 Reasons your Knee Pain isn't getting better (1)

5 reasons your knee isn’t getting better

I hate it when I hear that people have had “loads” of treatment for a problem but aren’t making progress. What a waste of everybody’s time (and probably money too!). And you, the patient, end up frustrated that you keep doing all the “right” things but aren’t making progress.

But don’t give up hope! Because it could be that one of these simple changes could make all the difference. Get back to pain free movement so you can enjoy the active life in Spain you wanted to live. If you’ve been having treatment with no improvement here are my 5 top reasons why:

  1. It’s not your knee – when you spoke to someone about your knee pain they never bothered to check all the joints attached to it – feet, ankles, hips, lower back. Problems in these areas can get referred to the knee. The best treatment in the world isn’t going to help if it’s in the wrong place!
  2. No one told you it needs to be STRAIGHT – We tend to focus on bending the knee, but if it doesn’t straighten properly it can change how we move our hips and lower back, affect nerve function and muscle strength. If you want to get good results you have to get your knee straight. Try these simple exercises to begin with
  3. You got an injection – corticosteroids are a fabulous short term / emergency pain relief. They are NOT a treatment. They just hide the pain rather than treat the cause. Long term they can start to damage the tissues inside the joint.
  4. You got an MRI not an assessmentmore and more research shows that MRIs don’t actually tell us what is causing pain. All they show is what your joint looks like on in the inside. They don’t tell us how you move, what the other joints are like, when it happens . . .. And there is a growing body of
  5. You skipped rehab after surgery – so now the other knee hurts because you never got full function back in the first knee. Or your back hurts. Or the same knee still hurts because the other issues weren’t addressed.

If you think your knee pain could use some extra care and attention then book a full consultation and assessment with me and we’ll make a plan to banish your knee pain.

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