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“A new pair of knees”

Long term wear and tear after playing sports, compounded by multiple operations that didn’t make a significant difference . . . it’s easy to feel that there’s no route forward. Often, by the time people get to me they feel like they have “seen everyone” and are left in pain.

One of the best things that I get to do is help people find a route forward so they can get back to enjoying their life.

“After playing squash for the past 25 years, the wear and tear on my knees manifested itself with cartilage trouble in my right knee. Some 10 years ago I underwent keyhole surgery on my right knee. After the operation my knee seemed fine and I returned to playing squash only to experience severe pain 2 years after the operation in the same knee again. This led to a further cartilage operation and again after the operation it was fine. I gave up squash and have never played since. However, over the past 8 years, joint pain in both knees gradually developed and was present 24 hours a day. I experienced extreme and severe pain when walking down an incline with a stabbing/shooting pain in each knee as I planted each foot on the floor to walk. Also, I found kneeling and getting up to be painful and difficult. Each of my knees became permanently swollen to the extent that I could not see the definition of my knee caps.

In October 2007, I was in Spain and heard a radio interview with a lady called Estelle Mitchell from the Bodyworks in San Pedro near Marbella. I was so impressed with the information on the programme that I booked for Magnetic Resonance Treatment (MRT) on my left knee, as this was giving me severe pain and discomfort at the time. I had a 1 hour treatment each day for 5 consecutive days. In this short time, the difference was unbelievable. My knee became less swollen, the pain previously experienced in walking disappeared and I felt an improvement in my well-being. On the strength of these results, I booked to have the same treatment on my right knee and the results were just as stunning. I now have no pain in walking up or down hills and can kneel and stand without assistance.

My treatment took place in October 2007 and I have been free of pain ever since. I tell my friends it’s just like someone has given me a new pair of knees.

On my experience of this treatment I would strongly recommend anyone with joint pain to try this wonderful treatment and enjoy the relief from pain as I have.”


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