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A Tale of 2 hips . . and the pain that went away.

Many of the testimonials I receive are by email, often just a couple of lines in reply to my follow ups. A quick “Yup all better thanks” as people get on with their lives. Brilliant for me as I know their history, have been in touch several times and know the “story”. But occasionally I get patients like Joe, who set out to write a detailed explanation for future patients. So here’s Joe’s story . . . .

“I have delayed writing this account until I was certain the latest treatment had been successful.

History of my arthritis.

2010 – 2011

During 2010  I began to experience arthritis pain in my left hip.  During  2011 the pain got more intense and my walking was reduced to a painful 100m or so.

The advice I received from medical sources and others was to endure the pain and discomfort for as long as possible and then have a hip replacement operation.

I had a heart bypass operation in 1996 and I was not keen on more major surgery.

In the Summer of 2011 I read in the Euro Weekly News about the Bodyworks Health Clinic  and MRT for arthritis sufferers. I studied extensively about MRT.

While in Ireland in 2011 I discussed MRT technology with the person who manages the MRI scanner at Sligo General Hospital. He said the description of MRT which I gave to him was technically correct and his recommendation was that this was a genuine treatment.

In August 2011 I  had an X-ray taken of my hip area at Sligo General Hospital.

The report said, “well established Osteoarthritis in the left hip with loss of joint space, and mild osteoarthritis in the right hip.”

In Oct. 2011 I had 9 sessions of MRT at the Bodyworks Clinic  after an initial thorough examination by Estelle Mitchell.

I purchased a set of orthotics designed to suit my walking pattern.

I followed the daily exercises prescribed by Estelle and kept a daily record of progress.

The pain in the left hip slowly reduced and my walking improved.  The improvement was not constant and some days I felt I had regressed. Estelle had warned me that this would be the pattern.

Some days walking without pain was such a joy that I walked too much and paid the price of renewed discomfort for a few days afterwards.


By July 2012 I was 90% recovered and then a disaster.  I had a bad fall on a public wet tiled floor and came down on my left hip (the worse hip).

I contacted Estelle and she said I would begin to feel the effects in about 10 days as the cartilage material might be damaged.


I struggled on until Feb. 2013 and had 5 sessions of MRT.

Recovery was slow but I did make progress .

One important fact was that the ” mild osteoarthritis in my right hip” did not advance. I still have the same movement of the right hip joint as always and no pain whatsoever.

My conclusion is that MRT at the onset of osteoarthritis halts its progress.


In the early months of 2014 I began to feel  a weakness and pain in my left wrist which affected my driving especially when gear changing as only my left hand was on the  steering wheel.

I assumed that osteoarthritis was setting in and based on my conclusion mentioned above I made an appointment with Estelle for a review and then signed up for a 5 day MRT session at the Bodyworks Health Clinic starting October 13  2014.

At the time I also had serious left thigh muscle ache which for some months had affected my walking. Estelle taught me some exercises and also advised me to put a 5 mm wedge under my left heel. The muscle ache is not an issue any more.

My hip area also benefited from these latest  5 sessions.

At the time of writing  early December 2014  I can state that my left wrist is improving and I  walk pain free.


My conclusion is that MRT at the onset of osteoarthritis halts its progress.

The success of MRT in my case can be attributed to,

A sincere  thank you to Estelle and all the people at the Bodyworks Clinic.

Joe O’Mahony.

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