Magnetic Resonance Therapy Facts and Figures

Magnetic Resonance Therapy – Facts and Figures

One of the most important points about clinical medicine is proof. No therapy or medication can be used on a patient without conclusive evidence that it works and that it causes no harm (or at least that the benefits outweigh the potential negatives).

I am a clinically, classically trained physiotherapist and, sometimes, a little old school. And scientific proof that a treatment works is hugely important to me. I spend a LOT of time doing research and training into different therapies and treatments and the machines that go with them. Most of them don’t end up in the clinic.

But one that did, with fantastic effect, is Magnetic Resonance Therapy aka MRT aka MBST (in it’s homeland in Germany). This therapy is fully licensed for use here in the EU although, to the best of my knowledge, I’m the only practitioner with it in Spain (partly because of my classical, scientific, UK qualifications!).

So here are some of the studies that I based my original decision on.

Quick note – the success rates I talk about on the site are based on my OWN results that I have tracked since I started using MRT at the clinic in 2006. These rates are based on a combination of therapies not MRT alone which of course these studies are. Otherwise they wouldn’t be scientific!

All of these studies are Adobe PDF documents and you will need this to read them.

Studies looking at the effects of MRT on Lower Back Pain:

One of the key factors noted in both these studies is that while a decrease in everyday pain was noted, the biggest positive was increased comfort when sleeping resulting in an overall improvement.

Studies into MRT’s effect on Arthritis in the knee:

Here at the clinic I probably treat more knees with MRT than any other body part. The effects are amazing as you can see from these studies, they are also long lasting. The most interesting for me is that the increase in cartilage thickness is measurable, for such a small, thin tissue to see such dramatic increases is fascinating.

Studies into MRT’s effect on Osteoporosis:

Magnetic Resonance Therapy was used to treat bone fractures for about 20 years before they developed it for cartilage. The effect on bone density is also brilliant. The patient’s that we have treated here at the clinic have seen a measurable increase in bone density, in one case completely reversing their osteoporosis.

High level studies of the concepts:

The initial studies looking at the principle as well as some high level reviews of a variety of the other studies for a quick overview.

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