7 tips to help when back pain hits

Back Pain Treatment – you’re doing it wrong!

One of the best and worst things about modern medicine is that it moves so FAST! The “best” treatment a year ago can, in the light of new research, become not just outmoded but dangerous. We are learning all the time.

The science of treating back pain

A recent series of papers published in The Lancet has caused quite a stir in the medical profession as it basically demonstrated that most medical professionals offer ineffective and potentially harmful treatments for back pain!

Prof Martin Underwood, from Warwick University, who is one of the 31 authors of The Lancet papers, said: “Our current treatment approaches are failing to reduce the burden of back pain disability. Quite a lot of people get exposed to high-tech medical and invasive procedures. There’s very little evidence base to support their use.”

10 things to do right!

  1. Your back is stronger than you think – the spine is strong and not easily damaged, your discs are tougher than car tyres!
  2. You rarely need a scan
  3. Get moving! Bed rest does NOT help
  4. Bend and lift at will – there is NO specific movement that makes pain worse
  5. Painkillers just mask the symptom rather than treat the cause
  6. Surgery has lower success rates than rehabilitation
  7. Sleep is tricky to get but helps!
  8. Pain does NOT equal tissue damage (it’s more complicated than that!)
  9. If it doesn’t ease in 24-48 hours get professional help
  10. One size does not fit all! Different therapies work better or worse for different people – get the one that helps YOU

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