Osteoarthritis - 5 facts backed by science

Osteoarthritis – 5 facts based on science

In my newsletter last week I went through a detailed description of injections for knee pain which prompted more questions about options. (Don’t forget you can sign up over there on the left!) I thought I’d follow up with more detail about the physio route, as that’s my personal preference (obviously!). All backed by modern science I should add.  Images aren’t necessary unless there’s something odd (we call them red…

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Home Visits Physiotherapy Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Home Visits Now Available!

New Year, new situation and we keep working to provide the best support we can for our patients! With travel restrictions and complicated working and childcare situations we know that coming to the clinic isn’t always the best option. So now we can come to you as well! Bodyworks in Your Home! We are thrilled that we will now be able to offer a range of services to help you…

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Bodyworks Clinic Marbella stays open!

Still Open – Still essential!

Well, here we go again! As of midnight this morning (Wednesday 27 January) Marbella enters Level 4, Grade 2 (Nivel 4, Grado 2) for 14 days, until 10 February. Which means all non-essential businesses must close completely. Fortunately we are a health clinic and are therefore considered essential! So all appointments that you have booked at the clinic can still be attended. Emmie can send you a “justificante” in nice…

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Open Christmas 2020 Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Christmas Hours 2020

Well, we made it to December! And the holiday season for so many of us. As you will no doubt be aware, the holiday season in Spain extends until the Three Kings or Reyes Magos celebration on 6 January. More celebrations! During this period the clinic will be open by appointment whenever you need us. But, if nobody does because you are feeling far too lovely enjoying the celebrations, then…

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Migraine Maths

In 2015 additional training and equipment meant that I was able to introduce our new Headache and Migraine Clinic service which has expanded ever since. New team members and upgraded technology mean that we can do better at what is required to treat this challenging and complicated condition. Which, in my experience, is treating the whole person. Unique to you Migraine is a very personalised condition – no two patients…

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Improve recovery after surgery by 50% at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Post Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

When you choose to have a cosmetic procedure it is easy to forget that before you reach the beautiful “after” picture you have to undergo surgery. And all surgery, regardless of its aim, causes trauma and swelling and discomfort. Which doesn’t really fit into that beautiful “after” picture does it? Less swelling, less pain, faster recovery Post op recovery is not a fun process, but there is a way to…

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Pre surgery diet and tips from Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Pre Surgery – how to get the best surgical results

Most people know that after surgery comes rehab – in fact for most people that’s probably the first thing they think of for physiotherapy! And rehab is really, really important – but I’ll talk about that next time. Before we get started on what to do after surgery – let’s talk about what to do BEFORE surgery. Different types of surgery Obviously there are many different types of surgery for…

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Private Massage Treatment Room at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Private Air Conditioned Treatment Rooms – why they matter

It’s funny isn’t it the things you take for granted. Things that are so obvious to you that it never occurs to you that someone else might feel differently. Things like privacy, patient comfort, medical confidentiality, personalised treatment. UK Training In the UK where I trained and worked for many years, physiotherapy occurred 1 on 1. You had the undivided attention of your physiotherapist throughout your appointment. Occasionally, particularly in…

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Physiotherapy non contact and private - MRT

No contact physiotherapy

The “new normal” starts here! And while many things are back to something like normal there are still many people who are wary about close contact with others, visiting medical centres or hospitals unless needed and wanting more privacy and space. Not all of that sits with our usual image of physiotherapy does it? Picture a conventional physiotherapy session and you probably think hands on contact right? Here in Spain,…

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Physiotherapy Appointments not available at Bodyworks Health Clinic

Back to work we go!

Finally Bodyworks can offer physiotherapy and screening appointments in person!  The end of week 6 and it seems there might be a glimmer of “normal” coming.  Face to Face It’s taken some careful reading and some determined shopping for supplies but I am THRILLED that I can now offer appointments in the clinic from Monday 27 April.  And many of our practitioners are allowed to return from Monday 4 May!…

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