Migraine Maths

In 2015 additional training and equipment meant that I was able to introduce our new Headache and Migraine Clinic service which has expanded ever since.

New team members and upgraded technology mean that we can do better at what is required to treat this challenging and complicated condition. Which, in my experience, is treating the whole person.

Unique to you

Migraine is a very personalised condition – no two patients experience the same migraine or have the same complicated set of circumstances which trigger them.

I always liken it to a mathematical equation – we know the answer is a migraine, but it can take time and care to understand the numbers that add up to it.

It is often some combination of:

Immune Response
Nerve Sensistivity
Sleep Pattern
Brain Chemistry

Dental Health
Eye Health
Personal Factor

Which all adds up to a migraine.

So the first steps are always to try and understand your personal equation – after that management and treatment become much more effective.

So many choices

The International Headache Society and the Journal of Headache and Pain have more than 30 classifications of migraine alone.

Not to mention the other chronic headache types that often get muddled in as well – tension headaches, TACs, nerve disorders, sinus, vascular and injury related.

Which makes finding a diagnosis and a treatment path even more confusing!

What works best?

The answer is that it depends on you.

Medication will usually address the brain chemistry and vascular elements really well. For some it can also address the hormonal element as well.

But that leaves some really big chunks of the equation without support.


What we have found most effective is a combination of treatments to address different factors.

These might include:

  • Nutrition and food intolerance testing
  • Supporting your personal hormonal situation
  • Magnetic therapy to reduce or “turn off” oncoming migraine
  • Lymphatic drainage to reduce sinus congestion and improve immune response
  • Reducing nerve sensitivity
  • Lowering localised inflammation and muscle tension
  • Addressing related stressors such as TMJ and similar.

The key is to treat all parts of your personal migraine and headache equation so that they are less frequent and less debilitating. Putting you back in control of your health. 

Not sure which route is best for you? Not sure what’s best for you? our Patient Care Coordinator can talk you through the options available both at the clinic and locally to make sure you get the best support possible.

If you’d like to book an appointment please contact us directly over emailWhatsApp or in person as required.

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