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Driven to the brink by neck pain

Many of the people I see here on the Costa del Sol aren’t full time residents. Some aren’t even part time! Often I have to cram as much treatment in as possible in the limited time window that people are here.

Travel can cause all kind of old injuries or new problems to flare up. And travel by plane, train or automobile is made 100 times worse when you have a bad back, painful knee, inflamed hip etc. Heavy bags, lots of driving, sitting still for long periods of time in cramped conditions . . . none of these are fun at the best of times!

So I do a lot of “patching up” to make sure someone can make the trip home without too much discomfort (or any at all but . . . I’m realistic!)

Poor Andy was facing the long drive home from the South of Spain to the UK with acute neck pain. Luckily I had my kinesiotape at the ready to get him home! I only wish we’d got a picture of his “bow”, I thought it was very fetching!

“I had managed to spend 47 years on this planet without requiring a physiotherapist, so it was with some trepidation, a good deal of urgency and a great deal of pain that I found myself needing Estelle’s assistance this summer (2014). First morning of our two week holiday, and I managed to bulge a disc in my neck, introducing me to a previously unimaginable level of discomfort and threatening my family with a thoroughly lousy holiday. Having driven from the UK, my greatest concern was whether I would be able to drive my family back home in 14 days’ time.

Estelle was recommended to me by the local hospital, and within seconds of meeting her at the Bodyworks Clinic in Estepona I learned two important life-lessons – the best things come in small packages, and a good physiotherapist is second only to God! Through a combination of much massage, some ultrasound and a good deal of humour, Estelle managed to get me up and mobile for the second week of the holiday, and subsequently did, indeed, get me to the point where I was able to successfully undertake the 1300 mile drive home.

Whilst I have had no previous physio, I can say with 100% confidence that Estelle is extraordinarily talented, warmer in temperament than a Spanish summer day and must have the widest range of physiotherapy tape designs and colours in the whole of Spain. (My advice? Don’t delegate tape design choice to Estelle and your young children, since the pink bows were a tricky look to carry off…) Hopefully, your need of Estelle’s help will be less acute than mine, but rest assured that you could not be in safer hands…I just wish she would open a UK presence…”

Andy, UK

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