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No knee pain is good news!

I always think its worth shouting about when my patients feel better, but some of them get so excited they literally make the newspaper! hehehe

Peter Tomlinson Testimonial in the Euro Weekly News

“Being a keen sportsman eventually took its toll on me, with my left knee becoming very swollen and painful.

I was unable to play padel and even found simple tasks such as walking and going up and down stairs difficult.

I sought help from Estelle Mitchell and her team at Bodyworks Health Clinic and further tests were deemed necessary.

MRIs and X-rays were quickly and efficiently arranged and upon seeing the results and on Estelle’s advice, I embarked on an intensive treatment regime consisting of regular physiotherapy, a course of MRT and a home exercise programme.

However, I have to say that as I had some very tight work and social deadlines to meet (a family off-piste skiing trip and games of padel), I even had a back up plan of painkilling injections lined up!

I am pleased to say that thanks to Estelle and everyone at Bodyworks I fortunately didn’t have to resort to such drastic and potentially damaging measures.

During the treatment I noticed gradual improvement, which I was assured by the great team at Bodyworks would continue.

I made it on my ski trip and I have returned to thrashing around the padel court, all without too much objection from my previously poorly knee.

Would I recommend anyone to go to Bodyworks? Yes, of course I would!”

Peter Tomlinson, Marbella

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