Knee Pain after surgery

The Secret to Stopping Knee Pain

The 3 S’s of a “happy” knee:

  1. No Swelling
  2. Straight
  3. Strong

If you have knee pain focusing on these 3 points will make an enormous difference.

Before Surgery

Most of us are aware of the need for rehab after surgery. But there is increasing research to suggest that to get the best results from surgery you need to do some work before surgery too.

Dr Donald K Shelbourne is an American surgeon who pioneered the ACL reconstructive techniques. And he has also developed the Accelerated ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol. Using this Protocol his patients returned to full, daily activities at 4 weeks after surgery! And back to sport at 8 weeks after surgery! In comparison normal ACL recovery talks in terms of months.

What makes his process so different? Before surgery the 3 S’s must be met. And you work with a physio to achieve that before your surgery is booked.

After surgery

If you’ve had surgery these 3 points become even more important. In fact, they are the entire focus of your recovery.

And it needs to start the 1st day after your surgery. The longer you wait the more the muscles waste and the harder it is to get right.

You need to be using crutches properly, doing your exercises and using ice and other techniques to bring the swelling down.

Why is straight important?

If you aren’t straightening your leg correctly you aren’t using your foot, ankle, knee or hip correctly. You have a limp and this can cause back pain as well. If you’ve got lower back pain that isn’t responding to treatment, it might be your knee that’s causing the problem!

If you don’t get a full range of motion in the knee,

  1. the joint position is not correct which speeds up cartilage damage.
  2. The quadriceps muscles lose “control” of the knee.
  3. Ligaments don’t work properly
  4. The hamstrings are no longer stretched correctly.
  5. Puts incorrect pressure on your foot causing ankle and toes problems.

What to do?

Get that knee straight and strong with no swelling!

Use these basic exercises daily

Come to the clinic and use our Elite Seat!

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