Sciatica Seminar with Estelle Mitchell at Bodyworks Marbella

Sciatica Seminar

This week is one of my favourite topics – your back! We’re getting into all things lumbar spine and nerve pain with our focus on sciatica. Wednesday 30 October – 11.30 What is sciatica? Why does it come and go and move around? Is your disc damaged? Understanding your MRI scan ITB, Slipped Disc, Herniated Disc, Piriformis Syndrome, Disc Fusion – the confusing names you get given. Tips and tricks…

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Sciatic pain explained by Estelle Mitchell of Bodyworks Marbella

Sciatica or . . . . . .

Sciatica is one of those wonderful medical terms which we now use in everyday conversation to cover a whole host of aches and pains in our back, hips and legs. But, as I’ve spoken about in detail before, there are a number of conditions that can look similar to sciatica at first glance but, and this is a key point in the getting pain free process, need a different treatment…

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Knee Back Hip - referred pain. Consultant Estelle Mitchell at Bodyworks

Referred Pain – Knee, Back or Hips?

If you have pain in the knee or back you probably think something is wrong with your knee or back. In most cases this is probably correct but sometimes the brain gets confused making you think that one part of the body hurts when in fact, the real source of trouble is elsewhere. This curious (and clinically important) phenomenon is known as referred pain. I’ve been talking a lot lately…

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Acupuncture for cancer patients at Bodyworks Marbella

Acupuncture to Support Cancer Patients

We are proud to announce that our fabulous acupuncturist Rebecca is now qualified to support patients with cancer with acupuncture Now many of the individual aspects and symptoms that are specific to those patients with cancer are generally and widely supported by acupuncture. But, of course, both cancer itself and the treatments associated with treating it, can have quite specific implications that require very careful consideration. Now I want to…

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HealthMe medical translation and booking for Bodyworks Members

HealthMe – Membership Benefits

One of the services that we are most excited about being able to offer to our members comes from our collaboration with HealthMe.es Over the last 15 years we have seen and heard many first hand experiences from our patients about accessing healthcare on the Costa del Sol. We’ve heard the combinations of praise for high quality services and care combined with the frustrations. And we’ve always tried our best…

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Osteoporosis Seminar with Musculoskeletal expert Estelle Mitchell

Osteoporosis Seminar

This time we get to discuss our skeleton – that’s right, we’re talking bone health! Wednesday 16 October – 11.30 Did you know that your bones do some absolutely fantastic jobs within your body? Red blood cells are created in your bones Stem cells – also created in your bones They store minerals and nutrients They are a critical part of your immune system Which is why osteoporosis and changes…

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Carpal Tunnel Seminar at Bodyworks with Specialist Estelle Mitchell

Carpal Tunnel Seminar

We had a stunning reception to our FREE Foot Pain Seminar last week. So this week’s topic is another one of my personal favourites – Carpal Tunnel!! Wednesday 2 October – 11.30 I have written and written about this topic over the last decade. The Carpal Tunnel / RSI phenomenon that has occurred over the last 20 years, often blamed on computers and our changing work habits. Now I’m going…

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Membership at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

15 years of the Bodyworks Family

15 years! Whew, what an anniversary! We thought long and hard about how to celebrate it, but the one constant theme we kept coming up with was wanting to share and celebrate with our wonderful family of patients. Many of whom have, over the years, brought me their family as well, which I consider the highest compliment I could be paid! So, after much deliberation, we have decided that to…

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FREE Foot Pain Seminar at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella with specialist Estelle Mitchell

Foot Pain Seminar

With the cooler weather and the start of the new school year the Costa del Sol returns to “normal”! And so we return to our usual schedule and work pattern as well. Before the summer we started our new seminar format. And WOW what a response! So we start again this week! Wednesday 18 September – 11.30 And we start with one of my FAVOURITE topics!!! Your FEET!! As everyone…

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5 Reasons your knee isn't getting better - Knee Specialist Estelle Mitchell at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

5 reasons your knee isn’t getting better

Earlier this month I had a gentleman come in complaining of long term (5+ years!!) pain in his knee. He’d had 2 rounds of surgery on the knee with no improvement. During my assessment I found that he had an even longer history of lower back pain and hip pain. So rather than focus on his knee, we focused on his back, I taught him a couple of little tricks…

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