Bodyworks Sponser Walking Football Spain

Bodyworks Sponsor Walking Football Spain

For those of you at our party last week, you may have noticed a friendly group of chaps in matching stripy shirts. Nope, this isn’t a new fashion, these are the Walking Football Spain team and now Bodyworks Clinic are proud to announce that we sponsor them!

Why we sponsor Walking Football Spain – because movement matters!

There is a huge wealth of research showing that keeping active and moving lowers pain, reduces the risks of conditions like Alzheimers, Diabetes, heart disease and a whole host others. It also strengthens bones and joints – the more you move, the more you CAN move.

Walking Football offers all of the benefits with none of the high impact risks! It’s also social and a team sport which is also hugely important for our mental health as well, being an expat can feel a tad lonely in the beginning!

My job is to get people moving again and Walking Football is the perfect combination.

For more information contact Adam Chandler or check out their website – and Facebook page –  Walking Football Spain

With teams in a range of locations up and down the coast (and a couple of new ones in the works!) and tournaments planned this is a wonderful game that is going to get bigger and bigger!


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