10 ways you can avoid a migraine

10 ways you can avoid a migraine

If you suffer with migraines it can feel like they control your life. But here are 10 ways that you can start to take back control or even avoid a migraine altogether!

  1. Keep a diary – know what situations and foods are your migraine triggers. For most migrainers regularity is key – get to know the daily routine that works best for you.
  1. Early Warning Signs – quick action can sometimes prevent a migraine or at least make it less debilitating. Getting out of a situation which is a trigger, taking a painkiller, having MRT or even just being able to take a nap – all of these can prevent or reduce the pain of a migraine.
  1. Manage your diet – maintaining a stable blood sugar level will help. Also reduce nitrates (one of only 2 proven triggers!)– that’s packaged and processed meats like bacon, sausages etc. Food intolerances can also aggravate the situation.
  1. Drink water – especially in the Spanish summer heat, dehydration can trigger a migraine.
  1. Coffee? – while caffeine is NOT a proven trigger excess caffeine, blood sugar level spikes and withdrawal can all be factors. We’re back to that diary again!
  1. Getting enough sleep – a regular sleep schedule will help reduce migraines. (did I mention a diary helps?!)
  1. Alcohol – this is the 2nd known trigger for migraines. Red wine, which often contains nitrates, can be a double whammy.
  1. Stress – yup stress can trigger a migraine. Deep breathing or meditation techniques might help you control this stress.
  1. MOVE – physical exercise can reduce the hormonal triggers for a migraine. So make sure that you get out and move daily. Exercise also reduces stress so it’s double win!
  1. See a Specialist – migraines are complicated and often misdiagnosed. They can even be a symptom of a more complicated picture. Take the time to get a detailed assessment of your situation so you can take the right steps. You can get the best treatment or most expensive medication but if it isn’t the right one for you, it isn’t going to help.

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