Bodyworks Open Day -Trusted Health Network

Bodyworks Open Day – Trusted Health Network

Well the end of summer seems to have arrived! I’m sure I blinked and missed the summer entirely.

But with the new school term and cooler weather arriving it always feels like the time for fresh beginnings here on the coast.

Many people are deciding to tackle things that might have got ignored during the hot, busy, chaos of summer.

Like niggly health worries.

Who to trust

For many of our patients Spain is not their home country and Spanish not their first language and that can make it hard to know where to go and who to trust. Especially with something as important and potentially complicated as your health. Compounded of course by the fact that most medical practitioners speak Medicalese anyway!

So, after 15 years on the coast we have a small list of people and places that we actively recommend for those times when physiotherapy isn’t the answer (it does happen occasionally, I admit it!).

Meet, Greet, Ask

We thought about it and decided that the best way to support our patients was to put everyone in the same place!

Saturday 29 September

10.00 – 15.00

The Bodyworks Clinic

An opportunity to meet the people we recommend you to go and see, ask them those big and little questions to decide if they are the right people for you too.

All without any fees, appointments, paperwork or hassle.


Well us of course! All of the Bodyworks team will be there to answer any questions you may have about what we do.

Estelle Mitchell, Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP

Estelle Mitchell, Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP


Bodyworks Team for the Open Day


From left to right:

Buenaventura del Charco – Psychologist

Rebecca Richards – Acupuncturist

Geoffrey Wattine – Craniosacral Osteopath

Peter Ormrod – Audiologist

And then there are our Trusted Health Network who we regularly refer to!

Hospital Quiron Marbella, Fuengirola and Campo de Gibraltar

The largest private hospital chain in Spain, Hospital Quiron provide a HUGE range of medical services including my favourite orthopaedic surgeon, my preferred gynaecologist . . . . . and the lovely Isabel who arranges everything for our patients making sure that the whole process is as simple and easy as possible. And of course, that everyone you see speaks English or that a professional translator is present.

STM Nummos - Health Insurance and

And the lovely Sonia Fendley from STM Nummos who will be able to answer all your health insurance questions as well.


Optica Machin Estepona with Jane Machin

Jane Machin will answer all your eyesight related questions – obviously a key part to consider when we address headaches and migraines.

Stockholm Dental Clinic Puerto Banus

Dr. Mikael Kahn has looked after my and my family’s teeth for many years. Always honest and looking for the least intrusive and most efficient method he is a dentist you can really trust.

Irish Midwife and CPR and First Aid Spain

The lovely Anne Halpenny will also be joining us talking about both facets of her business. We’ve worked together for many years supporting pregnant ladies as they navigate their way through the Spanish health care system to understand their choices and what happens next. Anne runs clear and easy to understand Ante Natal courses in English as well as breast feeding support and general question answering in those daunting first few weeks.

In her other guise she also offers CPR and First Aid courses (she makes sure all our staff know what to do in an emergency!) for both adults and children.

Stuart Ashing - NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Stuart Ashing of Lux Therapy Clinic is a recent addition to our cast at Bodyworks, splitting his time between our clinic and a handful of other locations as needed. Providing NLP (neurolinguistic programming!), hypnotherapy and life coaching Stuart adds an interesting perspective to handling a wide variety of issues.

Mark MacRae - Golf Pro

And of course we couldn’t forget our fabulous Golf Pro – Mark MacRae! He’ll be answering all golf related questions and helping you improve your swing . . . . but if you bring your golf clubs we’re putting you on the terrace to protect our ceilings!

Clinica Dental Cervera

For those of you requiring more complicated dental solutions, including the full range of teeth whitening and implants, then Sandra from Clinica Dental Cervera is the lady to ask. Her beautiful clinic is also a family business (started by her grandfather!) and she now has a dedicated team of professionals working with her.

Join us

This wonderful collection of health professionals will be joining us at the Bodyworks Clinic on Saturday 29 September from 10.00 – 15.00.

There is no charge for this event at all as these are the people we will regularly send you to. Why? Because I trust them. Because I know how daunting it can be to be in a different country and not know where to go to ask all those niggly questions. And to be not be sure if you can trust the answers you get!

Each member of our network is legal to practice what they do, insured and qualified. And, let’s be honest, pretty darn good at it!

It’s taken me 15 years to find this group of professionals – all it will take you is 10 minutes on a Saturday morning!

Come down, meet the team, ask the questions and make educated choices about your health here in Spain.

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