FREE Foot Pain Seminar at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella with specialist Estelle Mitchell

Foot Pain Seminar

With the cooler weather and the start of the new school year the Costa del Sol returns to “normal”!

And so we return to our usual schedule and work pattern as well.

Before the summer we started our new seminar format. And WOW what a response!

So we start again this week!

Wednesday 18 September – 11.30

And we start with one of my FAVOURITE topics!!! Your FEET!!

As everyone who has probably ever met me in the last decade will know I have a clinical obsession with feet and how they function.

I really, truly believe that feet are the foundation of the body and that if you can keep your feet functioning well, everything else above them can function better.

So we will be discussing all aspects of Foot Pain from plantar fasciitis, through Morton’s Neuroma and Bunions and not forgetting flat or high arch feet.

Learn all about WHY your foot is painful and what YOU can do to resolve it (without surgery or injections!).

Knowledge is power – get powerfully knowledgeable about your feet!

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